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Julian Assange on Living in a Surveillance Society

An interesting article by Julian Assange:

The very concept of the Internet — a single, global, homogenous network that enmeshes the world — is the essence of a surveillance state. The Internet was built in a surveillance-friendly way because governments and serious players in the commercial Internet wanted it that way. There were alternatives at every step of the way. They were ignored.

At their core, companies like Google and Facebook are in the same business as the U.S. government’s National Security Agency. They collect a vast amount of information about people, store it, integrate it and use it to predict individual and group behavior, which they then sell to advertisers and others. This similarity made them natural partners for the NSA, and that’s why they were approached to be part of PRISM, the secret Internet surveillance program…

…If there is a modern analogue to Orwell’s “simple” and “democratic weapon,” which “gives claws to the weak” it is cryptography, the basis for the mathematics behind Bitcoin and the best secure communications programs. It is cheap to produce: cryptographic software can be written on a home computer. It is even cheaper to spread: software can be copied in a way that physical objects cannot. But it is also insuperable — the mathematics at the heart of modern cryptography are sound, and can withstand the might of a superpower. The same technologies that allowed the Allies to encrypt their radio communications against Axis intercepts can now be downloaded over a dial-up Internet connection and deployed with a cheap laptop.

Over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prison a catastrophe

The over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prison is one of the most urgent human rights issues facing the country today, according to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda.

Mr Gooda said he was shocked by statistics released by the Productivity Commission last month that showed a 57 per cent rise in the incarceration rates among Indigenous men, women and children over the past five years.

What a surprise. It’s the way indigenous people are treated under the model that was rolled out across the globe a few hundred years ago and continues to this day. Their wisdom, cultures, practices and peoples are demeaned and destroyed. Christianity was used as the stalking horse, but the real agenda was genocide. I love this quote from Desmond Tutu: “When the missionaries came, we had the land and they had the bible. They said, ‘Close your eyes and pray’. When we opened our eyes, we had the bible and they had the land.”

And as John Pilger’s film “Utopia” demonstrated, nothing has changed for Australia’s aboriginals in 30 years. But no-one seems to look behind the curtain and figure out WHY nothing has changed and why it won’t under the current game; and whilst we tolerate this creeping globalist game, it won’t. Kevin Annett tripped over evidence of widespread genocide of the native people in Western Canada whilst he was there as Uniting church minister – before they expelled him for airing their dirty linen.

We will never fix this in any given country. It’s a global issue and it requires revealing the dark hand behind the world we see to end it.

Operation Auroragold – How the NSA Hacks Cellphone Networks Worldwide

A very interesting article on how the NSA ensures it has access to all cellphones worldwide:

Codenamed AURORAGOLD, the covert operation has monitored the content of messages sent and received by more than 1,200 email accounts associated with major cellphone network operators, intercepting confidential company planning papers that help the NSA hack into phone networks.

One high-profile surveillance target is the GSM Association, an influential U.K.-headquartered trade group that works closely with large U.S.-based firms including Microsoft, Facebook, AT&T, and Cisco, and is currently being funded by the U.S. government to develop privacy-enhancing technologies.

Karsten Nohl, a leading cellphone security expert and cryptographer who was consulted by The Intercept about details contained in the AURORAGOLD documents, said that the broad scope of information swept up in the operation appears aimed at ensuring virtually every cellphone network in the world is NSA accessible.

“Collecting an inventory [like this] on world networks has big ramifications,” Nohl said, because it allows the NSA to track and circumvent upgrades in encryption technology used by cellphone companies to shield calls and texts from eavesdropping. Evidence that the agency has deliberately plotted to weaken the security of communication infrastructure, he added, was particularly alarming.

“Even if you love the NSA and you say you have nothing to hide, you should be against a policy that introduces security vulnerabilities,” Nohl said, “because once NSA introduces a weakness, a vulnerability, it’s not only the NSA that can exploit it.”

This provides a link to a series of documents held by The Intercept on surveillance technologies.

How do we make sense of what is happening in our world?

I have written about many things that I see going on in our world in my posts, yet I have not really drawn them all together. I have pointed to the role of the bankers and how they have painted themselves out of history. I have written about Agenda 21 many times, perhaps the most invasive and destructive process for humanity that has been conceived. I have shared the work of Graham Hancock, who has worked tirelessly to reveal the carefully buried ancient history of an advanced civilisation on this planet, which appears to have essentially disappeared some 13,000 or so years ago. I have shared with you that, whilst Darwin’s theory of evolution has been promoted as the answer to the development of life on this planet, Darwin himself never actually saw it in those terms, recognizing it could never explain the totality of life as it exists on this planet. Of course, the existence of similar beings living elsewhere in the cosmos blows this supposed chance evolutionary process on Earth clear out of the water, which is one of the reasons that it is so carefully hidden from the public.

But I have not joined all of the dots. Today, I want to give you the opportunity to join these dots for yourself. But before I do, I want to share with you what I consider some of the most dedicated and comprehensive work I know of in revealing some of most gross and world-impacting cover-ups of the last century.

Emeritus Professor James Fetzer has conducted some of the most thorough research into the JFK assassination, 9/11 and now the Holocaust that I have come across.

Recently, Jim was involved with organising a seminar entitled Academic Freedom: Are there Limits to Inquiry? JFK, 9/11 and the Holocaust. Apart from restating these events as massive hoaxes, the seminar pointed up how the discussion of alternatives to the official view of events is suppressed in academic circles. However, what I wanted to bring your attention to is Jim’s own presentation, which summarises the research he has himself done on these three subjects; research that demonstrates unequivocally that none of the official stories hold water. For me, these are all important subjects and I have already written extensively about the JFK assassination and 9/11, and I plan to say more about the so-called Holocaust shortly.

Part of the reason I share Jim’s work with you is because it provides a wonderful illustration of so many things going on in our world that are not as they are purported to be, such as climate change (you may recognise the pundits called it global warming till they realised the warming had actually stopped…), and one of the tell-tale signs is when we are not allowed to go against the promoted meme and to do so is likely to see you lose your job if you have one, and even your life if you are revealing something that has been hidden. Graham Hancock has spoken about the war on consciousness, which is a very apt term and in my view goes much further than Graham discussed in his presentation.

Indeed, the rabbit hole is far deeper than most wish to contemplate and there are few brave enough to try and reach the bottom of this rabbit hole. One of them is David Icke.

David began his journey as a soccer player, dropping out of school at 15 to play football full time. The early onset of arthritis saw his playing career cut short, which saw him join the BBC as a commentator. Seemingly set for life, some 25 years ago, he found himself being “told” to go into a bookshop across the road from where he was, go into a section of the bookshop he would not normally go to and take out a book by Betty Shine, who was a very talented psychic (I recently met a wonderful man who counted Betty as a dear friend for many years and confirmed David’s description of her). In a session with Betty, David was told he would expose important information about how the world worked, he would write many books about it, and the information would either come to him or he would be guided to it. And so it has been.

I have taken a moment to introduce David in this way because he has been excoriated in the mainstream press for 25 years regarding the things he has been saying for almost all of that time.

But what is interesting is that, as the years have passed, many if not all of the things David has been writing about have been confirmed by others and much of it has become widely accepted. He was revealing widespread child abuse and sacrifice decades ago and now it is being revealed by witnesses and prosecuted in common law courts. Moreover, David is a very thorough researcher, and his books are full of references and illustrations.

The heart of what David has to say is that humanity and the human experience are being manipulated and directed by a small group on Earth, who are doing the bidding of off-planet or interdimensional beings for their own benefit and potentially for the elimination of humanity from Earth, and all of what is playing out in our world can be traced back to the unfolding of those carefully hidden plans.

To most of you, this sounds impossible and ridiculous. For me, I have been researching much of this on my own and also doing my own work in these areas and, firstly, I have no doubt that there are beings that are hidden who dictate much of what goes on on planet Earth, as illustrated by this interview with the wonderful aged Zulu shaman called Credo Mutwa. Further, I have worked with many people in the work I do where they have been deeply interfered with by off-planet or interdimensional beings. This is not a world that most of us are encouraged or drawn to investigate, but it is very real and is my daily experience and has been for some years.

Few would have the courage to reveal what David has revealed over the years and keep going despite the attacks; but he cares not what others think of him. He follows his internal compass, his internal truth.

I have recently finished reading David’s latest book, “The Perception Deception”. Released in February 2014, it is up to date with illustrations and examples of the way our world works and why. There are a couple of historical areas where I disagree with David’s interpretation and there are a couple of areas where I am still unsure, but the majority of what he shares, supported by endless examples and illustrations, I agree with completely.

Simply, I know of no other way to get a solid grasp of what is happening in our world and why than this book. But be willing to have your sense of reality deconstructed, something most people are not willing to do. Most people have this unrecognised fear that if they accept something that deconstructs their beliefs, they will be lost; that they will fall through into nothingness and keep falling. Nothing could be further from the truth, because what will begin to happen is you will begin to understand who and what you are; perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Some perspectives on the killing of Eric Garner by an NYPD officer

You will most likely have seen has been another black man killed by police, this time in New York and, this time actually filmed.

Here’s a report on the decision.

This video shows what happened.

I find this article very interesting as it points out the similarities between recent police-caused deaths of blacks and the lynchings from 1882 to 1964. Firstly, when you look at the definition of lynching, it is much broader than the popular notion of a black man being hung from a tree. It encompasses women and children and other forms of killing. By this broader definition, Eric Garner was lynched. Also:

What is often overlooked is that police, during the height of lynching, were complicit in most lynchings. In  the book Lynching in the New South: Georgia and Virginia, 1880-1930, it was determined that 64 percent of lynching victims in the early 20th century were actually seized from jails.

Also, in best traditions of whistleblowing, Ramsey Orta, the one who filmed the choking has been indicted in what looks liking a framing job by the police.

All consistent with what is happening in the United States in particular, but actually all over the planet.

Internet blocking tested in the United States

Some of you in the United States may have experienced a significant slow-down in the Internet over the last couple of days, and also found particular pages on websites simply not working as you’d expect. I certainly did (linked through Verizon fibre). This article reports that certain news websites were blocked, perhaps as a test, but I found it more comprehensive when I look back, and activating a VPN made it fun faster, not slower, and the pages that were not working suddenly began to work as expected.

In my view, we should expect this kind of behaviour everywhere. Forget this notion that the Western countries are free from this.

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