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Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor

I mentioned the work of James Perloff yesterday, and a large part of Perloff’s new book “Truth is a Lonely Warrior – Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction”, and the interview I referred to discuss the role and extent of either false flag events or the manipulation of events to trigger war. One such event is the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbour. It is now abundantly clear that the United States was well aware of the planned attack on Pearl Harbour and had acted to provoke it. Both the United States and Britain had broken the Japanese codes well before 1941 and new EXACTLY what was unfolding. 2,000 military personnel and another 2,000 or so civilian deaths were considered a small price to pay to garner American support for entering WWII.

Perloff points to the BBC documentary Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor as an excellent overview of what occurred and I commend it to you.

Remember, all wars are bankers’ wars, and the United States was well and truly under the control of the Rothschilds by this time. And the history we get taught never reveals it.

The real coalition goes to war – Syria, Iran, Iraq and Russia

An interesting report from  Gordon Duff  and  Nahed al Husaini:

This week, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced that their support of Syria will be unlimited.  Over the past few weeks Iranian military leaders, both Republican Guard and the Al Quds brigade in particular, have assessed the situation on the ground.

A plan of action has been developed and is being implemented at this time.

End of quote.

It appears the game is changing in Syria and for ISIL, and it will be interesting to see where this leads.

Americans Think the USA Freedom Act Gives Them Freedom

I have commented previously how the names of US legislative Acts point in the dead opposite direction to their purpose. It seems the USA Freedom Act is no exception. I quote:

Despite days of intense media coverage about the USA Freedom Act, Americans on the streets of New York have no idea what it actually is, with some even believing the bill gives Americans their freedoms. The USA Freedom Act passed the House on Tuesday and President Obama signed it into law that same day. According to many analysts, the legislation is actually just as bad as the expired Patriot Act, but those details didn’t seem to concern shoppers in Times Square, who were struggling to come to grips with far simpler concepts.

End of quote.

Sounds like the model works.

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