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Global Financial Update from Thrive’s Foster Gamble

Foster Gamble is one who clearly understands how our world has been hijacked by the Rothschilds and their cohorts, and he monitors how events are unfolding and seeks to see alternatives emerge that can replace this global cabal. This update from Foster is worth your time to review, including understanding that his sources have been often borne out as events have unfolded.

Foster also shares sources which are predicting a likely global financial collapse this coming Northern Hemisphere fall or autumn. Anyone who has spent time examining the global financial picture will know that it is precarious at best and its collapse inevitable, the timing of which will be determined by those who erected it. As such, if you are in the equity or other markets, now is a good time to get out of them, in my opinion.

Foster covers a wide range of subjects and I concur with his assessment of them, though we diverge on how it will get resolved.

Thank you, Foster, for the wonderful contribution you and Kimberly make.

Jade Helm Whistleblower warns of potential EMP attack in Texas on Monday

Let me say that I am not trained or skilled in identifying whether intelligence information is false or accurate.

I would also add that the information brought forth by Kerry Cassidy over the years has included some extraordinary and important information, but she is not always accurate.

With that said, I want to share with you this telephone interview between Kerry and a guy approached by an apparent AWOL Navy SEAL, warning of a planned EMP event in Texas on Monday, June 15. As I understand it, an EMP attack would take down anything within range that is electronic in nature – power grid, communications, cellphones, perhaps automotive electronics… Again, I am not an expert on this. However, like Kerry, I feel this guy sounds genuine and he is the second round of the conversations Kerry has had about this.

It may be absolutely nothing and let us hope it is; but if you are in that area of the United States, I encourage you to prepare for the possibility of disruption.

Also, if you are not aware of the context the caller discusses, including the State of Emergency set up by George W Bush after 9/11 for one year and renewed every year since, it is worth listening to the call from that perspective alone.

Secret of Iceland economic miracle: Jail bankers, let banks go bust & no bail-out

I encourage you to watch this video, to understand how the Icelanders rapidly recovered from the 2008 crisis. Except there’s one core element not discussed. Iceland does not have a private, Rothschild-controlled central bank (and I have confirmed this with an Icelandic friend). They don’t have a leech attached to their economic heart, bleeding them dry, as most other countries of the world do, including the so-called economic powerhouses of the world – United States, Russia and China. No Rothschild central bank, no debt. Get the picture? It’s pretty simple, really, but its mired in obfuscation.

What surprises me is the key politicians responsible are still alive (look at the history behind the actions of the Polish government all killed in a plane crash in Russia a few years ago for a recent example), and that the mainstream press actually mentions it.

And here is a 40 second summary of what and how it was put in place in the United States.

An excellent summary of the consequences of the Californian SB277 compulsory child vaccination legislation

Meredith McLeod provides an excellent summary of the SB277 legislation and its consequences, along with some of the lies behind it.

David Icke discusses Bilderberg 2015 and the game behind the game

David Icke has been at the very heart of exposing how the world really works for 25 years, rather than how it’s displayed in the public eye.

This brief video provides a summary of the core process – with dates – on how this has been put into place, including the global warming scam that you probably still think is real.

It is one of the best quick summaries I have seen and I commend it to you.

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