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How much should the average American worry about “radical Islam”?

As those who look below the surface know, this Islamic terrorist picture has been a creation of those behind the scenes. Whilst I do not deny that this propaganda and associated actions elsewhere in the world have seen many people killed and countries “bombed back to the stoneage”, this data from The Intercept in relation to the United States is very telling:

Risk of terrorism death in the US


This data alone should alert you to the terrorism propaganda we are all subjected to.

But wait!!! Help is just around the corner. The answer to all of this is global world government with the police and armed forces to match. Bring it on and all these threats will just dissolve. And it’s true. They will. Because they arise from the same source. The Hegelian Dialectic at work – problem, reaction, solution or more formally thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

David Icke – Possession is not a myth

As David says in this video, the notion that non-physical entities can exist and interfere with someone is widely dismissed, when it’s been widely accepted and discussed, with common descriptions, throughout diverse paths of human history. Moreover, it’s not hard to understand when you accept that the physical form is not this solid expression most of us take it to be. A brief consideration of the nature of the atom and the existence of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which says both momentum and position of an electron or other sub-atomic particle cannot be concurrently measured, will tell you that what we take to be solid is mostly empty space.

However, despite the disregard by the general populace and, of course, the supporters of the scientific worldview for such notions as possession, many who work with alternative healing modalities deal with this reality every day, and I count myself amongst them. I commend David’s brief video to you.

Google’s ‘listening network’ could be exploited by NSA – Falkvinge

Voice recognition technologies are part of the future, but should trigger concern that IT companies are essentially building “listening networks” which can be exploited by the likes of the NSA, Swedish Pirate Party founder Rick Falkvinge told RT.

End of quote.

Falkvinge expresses trust in Google’s intent. It’s not a view I share for many reasons.

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