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Rupert Murdoch to stand down as CEO of 21st Century Fox, son James to succeed

I have watched Rupert Murdoch’s journey over the years with some interest, as he comes from my home town of Melbourne, Australia, and so I watch the appointment of his sons James and Lachlan to roles at the core of the business with a similar interest. It is not a well-publicised fact that Murdoch is Jewish, since his mother, née Elisabeth Joy Greene, was Jewish. As you probably know, it is the mother who determines Jewishness, according to the rules of the game.

Murdoch has been married three times. His first wife and mother of Prudence was not Jewish, but the mother of Elisabeth, James and Lachlan, Anna Torv is Jewish, meaning they are, also.

Now, you might think this is just a bunch of rumour-mongering, but let me remind you that Rupert is on record as having common business interests with Jacob Rothschild.

I also point out that Henry Ford purchased the Dearborn Independent as long ago as 1920 to write his articles about the Zionist impact upon America, because the press was already either owned or dictated to by Jewish interests. Do not think for a moment that Murdoch could have built his empire without a close working relationship with the Rothschilds and the right familial bloodlines.

Murdoch’s empire plays a key role in the propaganda we are bombarded with to convince us that the world is the way the Zionists want us to see it.

And so, his Jewish sons begin to inherit the mantle.

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