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An Australian cop has a passionate message about vaccines and babies

Thank you, Jon.

I encourage you to watch this heartfelt video from an Aussie policeman who woke up to the vaccine fraud and paid with his job. But it just made him more passionate about trying to have people see what is going on.

His message fits perfectly with the realisation shared by Dr. Rima Laibow that the triggering of autism and its lesser expression as ADD, etc. has a clear purpose:

According to the England Hypothesis, vaccine injury-induced autism is an intentional chemical manipulation used to create millions of worker drones – sterile, docile, unable to question the conditions handed to them for their lives, content with boring, repetitive tasks, placid, disposable and interchangeable. In short, autists are the ‘deltas’ and ‘epsilons’ of the brave New World Order toward which we are being herded through intentional social, political and genetic manipulation consistent with the genocidal aspirations of the globalists and their horrifying Agenda 21.

I agree with this assessment, though in my view it is even worse than this. More in a later post.

The Dylann Roof/Charleston “massacre”

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Charleston church massacre last week. Unless you go Internet fishing, you’ve probably only heard the mainstream media version of what happened.

But, like most if not all of these events, all is not what it seems, something many who look at these things have begun to recognise.

Jim Fetzer’s blog post arguably draws together most of the pieces of evidence, supported by two VT articles, one from Gordon Duff, another from Jonas Alexis.

Jon Rappoport has also weighed in on the subject.

In simple terms, the narrative is full of holes and, like perhaps all of these false flag events, including 9/11, there was a drill active in Charleston at the time, which was “taken live”.

Perhaps the best summary of the threads at work in this sick plot comes from a black guy who calls himself Redsilverj. In my view, he’s often right up there when it comes to pulling these false flag events apart.

Apart from the obvious targeting of guns, which Obama launched on very quickly, and racism, we have a play directed to censoring the Internet, portrayed in this event as being the source of radicalisation of Dylann Roof.

And Redsilverj also shares with us how the church was “open for business” the very next day, and how the police took this so-called mass murderer to Burger King!!!

There are many threads to this project, but one thing is certain – this was not a real event as portrayed in the mainstream media.

How The ‘Civilized World’ Has Ruined the Lives Of Previously Uncontacted Peoples

Thank you, Rima.

This article provides examples of how indigenous, often isolated peoples and their cultures are being destroyed.

It is easy to consider that this is happening by a series of independent events. I disagree. The article uses the term “Globalised Civilisation”, and I think it is important and provides a hint as to how and why this is happening.

In my view, those who run our planet have been out to control this planet and all upon it for their own ends for centuries, and the destruction of the American Indian and their culture or the Australian Aboriginal or the African Zulu – it’s the same story, the same pattern. In their model, there is no place for the evidence of another value set, another understanding of life, another experience of life to exist, because it represents a threat. For example, the mainstream media will never publicise this story of Australian aboriginals using the cooperation of dolphins and killer whales to fish. How could man be cooperating with apparently wild animals for mutual gain? It does not fit the paradigm that is carefully constructed about what it means to be human, and such evidence is being systematically and ruthlessly destroyed. If you stop and reflect upon this story, you cannot see nature and humanity the same way again.

And so, the destruction continues. In my opinion, we are not a species with amnesia, as Graham Hancock describes it, but rather a species whose history, both prior to 12,000 years ago and as contained within indigenous cultures, is being destroyed as far as possible. But their boat is leaking. Göbekli Tepe, for example, will not go back under the Turkish sands which hid it for so long, nor will the likes of Steven Strong be quiet about Australia’s past. But, in isolation, it will not be enough to stem this onslaught. The scope of their control and their planning is far beyond the imagination of most people.

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