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Global Warming Petition Project lists over 30,000 scientists who object to the myth of anthropogenic global warming

We often hear that there is a scientific consensus on global warming, that consensus being that anthropogenic global warming is a fact.

Well, this website provides strong evidence to the contrary. It says 31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs. The site also provides a summary of Peer-Reviewed Research on the subject.

Just as with the Holocaust hoax, climate science does not support the publicly promoted myth. The Holocaust myth was created to justify the creation of Israel, whilst anthropogenic global warming was created to justify Agenda 21. Same players, same model. If the model works, why build a new one? Hegelian Dialectic in full flight.

The problem is, most people don’t see the game, or don’t want to see it for various reasons. And the Zionists and their cohorts rely upon it. And, for now, it is working. While we bicker about the truth or otherwise of anthropogenic global warming (renamed climate change because the warming stopped nearly 20 years ago), they roll out Agenda 21 and plot extensions to it.

This single-celled bug has the world’s most extraordinary eye

Fascinating story:

It is perhaps the most extraordinary eye in the living world – so extraordinary that no one believed the biologist who first described it more than a century ago.

Now it appears that the tiny owner of this eye uses it to catch invisible prey by detecting polarised light. This suggestion is also likely to be greeted with disbelief, for the eye belongs to a single-celled organism called Erythropsidinium. It has no nerves, let alone a brain. So how could it “see” its prey?

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