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Mandatory Vaccination vs. the right to Informed Consent

Although vaccination is packaged as protecting us from disease, the truth is very different.

I have shared this autism data before:


no-vaccines-no-autismAlthough it’s now thoroughly buried and staunchly defended, the pasteurisation of milk is not about protecting us, either. It’s about weakening the immune system, increasing our need for Big Pharma products. I remember, as a child, my farming father discussing how trials had been done with calves fed on pasteurised and unpasteurised milk. Those fed pasteurised milk were far less vigorous. It’s what’s been done to us, beginning with formula instead of breast milk. I’m a great believer in “gutter immunity”. The more our immune system is utilised, the more powerful and effective it becomes. But I digress.

Right now, action is being taken by the CDC on the one hand to see them having the power to enforce vaccination and, on the other, action by Dr Rima Laibow to proactively protect Americans’ (and others) right to informed consent regarding vaccination.

And almost no-one is talking about this.

So, let’s begin with the CDC:

The CDC Seeks An Unprecedented Power Grab To Permanently Detain Americans
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to amend its quarantine regulations. These Proposed Rules will allow CDC and its agents to perform MANDATORY public health screenings on any man, woman, or child who is traveling interstate via aircraft, train, or bus, and will allow CDC to apprehend and DETAIN individuals on the basis of such screenings. These Proposed Rules will greatly expand CDC’s power, which already includes the ability to apprehend and detain people for certain “quarantinable” communicable diseases, where the President controls which diseases are deemed “quarantinable” by Executive Order…

We have until October 14th, 2016 to give the CDC feedback on their proposed rule. Go to and tell them what you think! 

End of quotes.

Then we have Rima’s proactive Freedom of Informed Refusal of Medication Act of 2016:

“Natural Solutions Foundation, over this past year, has raised a series of warnings regarding the globalist elite’s “politically correct” attack on “the defining issue of the 21st Century” — our international, humanitarian right to Informed Consent on both the state and federal levels (and across the globe in countries like Australia). It started with Gov. Jerry Brownshirt signing the draconian SB277 and SB972 in California and continued in Washington, DC with HR.2232 (the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015) and continues with HR.6 (the 21st Century (sic) Cures Act) and S.1203 (the 21st Century Veterans Health Care Act)… what if these federal bills were combined in the congressional Conference Committee? This is the threat we face in 2016.” – General Bert –

In order to forestall further legislative and regulatory attacks on Informed Consent, we have reached out to some of our lawyer colleagues and drafted the Informed Consent Protection Act of 2016. A copy of the Draft Bill (set up for the US Senate)  –

End of quote.

Time is running out on both of these items.

If you’re an American, I encourage you to get yourself informed, beginning with the two articles I have linked to above and take action on these initiatives, so your rights are protected, and engage anyone you know who cares about these issues.


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Israel ‘telegraphing’ nuke war false flag

You may have noticed there has been growing talk of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. We know that Russia would not drive this, as Putin has made clear several times. Interestingly, Gordon Duff in this recent excellent interview with Jeff Rense said he was unable to find out where these rumours or rumblings were arising from. Which, to me, meant only one source, and this article by Ian Greenhalgh has fingered it:

A recent obscure, planted news story has revealed Israel’s plan for Trump’s lauded ‘October Surprise’, only the imminent threat of nuclear war with Russia, orchestrated by Israeli false flag military action could prevent Trump from circling the drain.

All the components are in place – a phony news service, imaginary Pentagon spokesperson and a wild tale that could only have originated at the hands of the ‘Masters of the Universe’: those Tel-Aviv Nobel Prize winners tasked with orchestrating world events.

Today Iran published an obscure story from a London-based news service’ according to the story the Pentagon is planning to attack Syria and maybe Russia, under it’s own authority to save President Obama from ’embarrassment’. The story originated with the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, a known disinfo source, but was legitimised by Iran’s Al-Alam in a major Israeli intelligence coup.

The story has no legitimacy and has the key element common to all Israeli intelligence plants; it quotes anonymous sources making statements that could never be made, in this case an unattributed story simply says the Pentagon without any authorisation would attack Syria, even Russia and the reason given for this act of war, according to this story is to save President Obama, a president leaving office soon, from public embarrassment! Who would concoct a narrative like this?

This story is clearly part of an intelligence operation to sell the idea of distrust of the USA and to exploit well known Pentagon extremists who, rather than saving the president from embarrassment would, in reality, burn the world down. Russia has long followed the ‘end times’ Christian evangelists and ‘Dominionists’, the ones who stole the Barksdale nukes, the ones Obama and secretary Hagel cleaned out of America’s nuclear command structure .

End of quote.

On a somewhat related note, I have written about the recent Shemitah date for the just completed Jubilee Year; however, what I was not aware of was that this new Jewish year is known (at least to some) as The Year of the Sword of the Lord. Also, this video teaser (thanks, Helen). Just another item sounding ominous in this time.


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