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A story of vaccine truth and a vaccine police state

Last night I listened to Richie Allen interview Dr Toni Bark, the interview being entitled Evidence Is Emerging That Vaccine Safety Studies Are Being Rigged By Pharma. Well, what a surprise!!! Who’d have thought it… Here’s an intro to Toni:

Toni Bark MD, MHEM, LEED AP received her medical doctorate from Rush Medical College and trained in pediatrics and rehab medicine. She was director of the pediatric ER at Michael Reese hospital then studied naturopathic medicine. An intense interest in environmental impacts on health led her to seek LEED accreditation. After working in Haiti post-earthquake, Toni began her studies in health care emergency medicine and disaster planning, including vaccine policy, ethics, safety, and production. She is a contributor author to Vaccine Epidemic (2nd ed) and co-produced her first documentary with executive producer, Jeff Hays.

End of quote.

Toni shares her journey in medicine from one who trusted the medical system to her realisation it was out to screw with people’s health and immune systems, at the very least for profit, to becoming a powerful advocate for a return to the fundamentals of health and healing that are our “God given” right. Her website is . She also blows away some of the myths of “herd immunity” from vaccination. Toni’s enthusiasm, clarity and joie de vivre are infectious – and vaccination won’t help you avoid them.

I commend this interview to you. But only if the truth is more important to you than your belief in the wonders of vaccination.

Meanwhile, in that sleepy, well disguised police state known as Australia, plans are underway to hunt down anti-vax nurses and prosecute them.

At least it’s a long way from the threats of a nuclear WWIII…


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