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Hillary and Trump Caught Partying With Kissinger at Jesuit Gala after 3rd Presidential debate

Just in case you still think the US presidential election is a straight play and a real runoff of genuine alternates, this video from Jeff Berwick shows Killary and Trump at a Jesuit dinner together after the 3rd debate, chatting like the old friends they are. A couple of insiders who know which side their bread is buttered.

It also gives a little history of the Jesuits, which strongly indicates the order was founded by crypto-Jews.

And this article pulls Trump’s Jewish skeletons out of the well disguised closet.

Again, I’m not backing horses in this pageant. Rather, I oppose the charade that spits them up for Americans to argue over. And most who should know better can’t help themselves backing one horse or the other. It’s as if they REALLY WANT to hang onto the illusion of their childhood of the greatness of America. What a croc. The elite Jews have controlled it completely since they set up the Fed in 1913, and in reality well before. My American friends, you grew up inside Jewish propaganda about what America was and you still hang grimly to it. We’ve all been had, not just Americans and rank and file Jews, who’ve been had at least as much as non-Jews, perhaps more.

But the system really is fraying at the edges. Perhaps they’ve planned that, too.


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