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“The 2030 Agenda” will replace Agenda 21 in September – Update

It appears the video creator cleaned up the video (it needed it). I have refreshed the link below.

This video comes from a source I have found to bring a relatively level head to the “conspiracy” conversations.

As you may know, there has been a lot of speculation about possible events in September of 2015. These include the ending of a 7 year Jewish cycle known as the “Shemitah”, predictions of a global stock market collapse and many other things, and this video refers to some of these.

But there is an event occurring that is not open to speculation. The UN is meeting on September 25-27 to rubber stamp The 2030 Agenda, which Agenda 21 on steroids. This article gives you a detailed introduction.

Now, one item I find very interesting about this is the role being played by Pope Francis and hence the Catholic Church in this. The above video shares with us some of the press articles that have come forth from the Catholic Church relating to a one world government, a global bank and even setting the context for a universal religion, something that forms part of the globalists’ plans. Of course, anthropogenic global warming has been used as the stalking horse for this for decades, and I find it interesting how Pope Francis has become the cheerleader for The 2030 Agenda in the way that Maurice Strong was the cheerleader for Agenda 21. I have previously referred to the satanic underpinnings of the Catholic Church and it is clear the emergence of the planned one world religion is going to be led by Pope Francis.

So, regardless of what else may or may not happen in September 2015, our world will be changed forever as a result of the planned UN meeting to place its imprimatur on The 2030 Agenda.

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