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Vaccines: Who Is Right and Whose Right Is It?

Here is a great article from Thrive on many of the issues that surround the use of vaccines. It pulls together a great many of the threads that demonstrate compulsory vaccination may not be good for your or your children’s health…

Dr William L Pierce discusses the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Pierce (1933-2002) was a controversial figure in America. Inevitably, the media sought to characterise Pierce as an extremist. This blog shares some of this observations, and indicates he was a considered, intelligent man. There are many other sites that share his writings and radio shows.

But the item I wanted to share with you is his history of and views on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which has been recently packaged into a video form. In my opinion, his historical perspective and its expression into the world of 1999 when he recorded this, are, for the most part, on the money.

Pierce died suddenly of cancer in 2002, well within the timeframe where we know cancer was being induced in those the global elite wanted to silence. Was he a victim of this? I can only speculate.

Spend the 14 minutes to watch this video. You will recognise so much of what is going on in our world. One item that struck me was his highlighting the use of terrorism, given he was speaking in 1999, which was before the use of 9/11 to put the terrorism story on steroids and to steer almost the entire global conversation that has seen the massive erosion of personal rights and freedoms since that time.

Zionism in Britain: a Neglected Chronicle

This article by Evan Jones discusses some of the Zionist threads that are showing up in Britain, in particular in relation to Jeremy Corbyn, and it does an excellent job of exposing how this has been alive and well back to 1917 and the Balfour Declaration. However, in my opinion and unsurprisingly, he fails to grasp – or at least express – how old and all-encompassing this Zionist presence and control is. In simple terms, anyone who has opposed them and their interests and agenda in at least the last several hundred years has either been silenced, discredited, disenfranchised or killed, depending on their position and the scope of their indiscretion.

In my opinion, Jeremy Corbyn does not stand a chance, but he will probably not lose his life over it.

But this Corbyn storm in Britain is rare because almost everyone who has any kind of power or likely to reach for it is already well under control through their widespread application of satanic practices, compromising these people through engaging them in child abuse and most likely have them, by choice or otherwise, witnesses a child sacrifice, a participation which is recorded in case it’s ever needed. It’s the background to the current widespread exposure of paedophilia (more accurately paedo-satanism) amongst older British politicians and the cover-ups that have been undertaken by the police, judiciary and others.

It looks like Corbyn was never considered likely enough to “get the treatment”. But it will be addressed.

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