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The Reason Agenda 21 Is About To Change Your Life Forever

The first part of this article provides a good summary of Agenda 21 and how it came to be. I do not agree with the writer’s view on who the key globalists are.

This article by Jack Speer-Williams provides another excellent slant on the Agenda 21 picture, including how the anthropogenic global warming hoax has been used as a stalking horse.

A timely revisit as we have a month to run before Agenda 21 is lined up for UN refresh and makeover as “The 2030 Agenda” in their meeting in late September. I’m sure the Pope will do his job well, telling us how we’re all doomed without extreme action on human activity that generates heat and the need for global government, policing and banking. But it will be hard for him to get close to the breathtaking diatribe from Maurice Strong at the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil that kicked this all off:

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialised civilisations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring it about?”

David Duke calls the Zionist push for global dominance for what it is

In this video, Dr David Duke spells out the existing Zionist dominance in the world and their broader plans in an interview with Alex Jones – an interview that was removed from the Alex Jones channel…

The entire interview can be found here and his comments and related material for the interview can be found here.

I am not familiar with David’s work; however, according to this interview, he apparently sees the Zionist dominance of America as a recent phenomenon. It’s not. It’s been firmly in place from the beginning of the 20th century and perhaps far longer.

Propaganda has non-Jews trapped in guilt and shame over the Holocaust and the threat of being branded anti-Semitic (both propaganda), as I’ve amply demonstrated. But at least as concerning for me is that almost all Jews are trapped inside the same propaganda. Most find it impossible to consider what has done been to them and is being done to them by the Zionists. They inevitably read words such as these as being an attack on all Jews and often a personal attack. It’s not and that’s why the strategy of the global controllers is so effective.

I’m drawn to share Dr Kevin Barrett’s article from today with you, in which he outlines how the Jewish (only) B’nai Brith Freemasonic group tried to shut down his talks in Canada, which focussed on his recent book discussing the Charlie Hebdo false flag non-shootings in Paris:

As I wrote in my recent article “Canadian police target conspiracy theorists,” the B’nai Brith – a Jewish freemasonic group – harassed organizers and tried to shut down my book talk in Edmonton, Alberta last week. When they failed to get the event cancelled, they called in the Hate Speech Squad of the Edmonton Police Department…who listened to the talk and found nothing wrong with it.

Now we learn that the same B’nai Brith also tried unsuccessfully to get my Jasper talk cancelled.

Monika Schaefer, the organizer of the Jasper talk, reports:

“It was indeed the B’nai Brith who tried to shut down the Jasper event too. What a surprise, isn’t it?!”

B’nai Brith’s attempt to silence me failed even more spectacularly in Jasper than in Edmonton. The Zionist censors not only failed to convince the United Church of Canada to cancel my talk, but were likewise unable to intimidate the media.

End of quote.

This kind of intimidation against those would speak out about this Zionist vice-like grip on our world, however obliquely, is quite common. It’s part of the control mechanism, based in the lie of anti-Semitism.

Until and unless we understand what has been done over the last few hundred years if not several thousand years (if David Duke is accurate) and put a stop to it in some manner, the world as we know it is doomed.

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