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The Imperialism of Jewish Capital

I find this article by Henry Makow quite revealing:

A book published in 1889 “The Red Dragon” by L.B. Woolfolk suggests to me that British (and American) imperialism originated in the need of  Jewish bankers and their Gentile confederates to translate money they could create out of nothing (thanks to their control of credit), into real wealth i.e. world ownership.
The book confirms my assertion that “the Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism.” (May 2004)

When these bankers finagled a credit monopoly in England in 1694, they turned into a monster that now has highjacked humanity. The London-based banking cartel literally has gobbled up the planet, and will not be content until it owns everything, and enslaves mankind, mentally and spiritually, if not physically. This, in a nutshell, is the New World Order.

The last push came from a secret society  that Cecil Rhodes started in 1891 to “absorb the wealth of the world” and “to take the government of the whole world.”

A recent UN study says 2% of the world’s population own 50% of the wealth, while half own barely 1% of the wealth. Needless to say, the richest 2% are mainly the London-based bankers and people associated with them.

Today British, American and Zionist imperialism manifest the banker agenda for “world government” through the destruction of religion, nation, race and family. This imperialism does not express the interests or wishes of ordinary English, American or Jewish people who have themselves been colonized.

Red DragonL.B. Woolfolk was an American Baptist preacher who traced the machinations of the banking cartel in the decades after the Civil War. He confirmed his assertions by contacts with members of this cartel during visits to London . He says “the Great Red Dragon” is the symbol of the “Jew London Money Power.”
In his book, which is on line, he describes how this cartel bought up the US economy  through intermediaries, and controlled it long before the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

By 1864, 150 years ago, Woolfolk claims the wealth of the world already was concentrated in their hands.
“The Imperialism of Capital to which I allude is a knot of capitalists–Jews almost to a man–who make their headquarters in the Money Quarter of London, in Threadneedle street, Lombard, and other streets in that vicinity, where bankers have their habitat. 

These Jew capitalists have succeeded in centralizing in their own hands the industry and commerce of the earth. –They own almost all the debts of the world, –the debts of nations, states, counties, municipalities, corporations and individuals, –amounting in the aggregate, it is estimated, to seventy-five billion dollars, on which they are annually receiving about four billion dollars of interest. –They own the manufactories, the shipping, and the commerce of Great Britain, and most of the manufactures, shipping and commerce of the whole world. –They have attained control of the industry and trade of the whole earth; and are rapidly centralizing all business in their own hands. 

They hold possession of all the great lines of trade and business of all kinds, and they regulate all prices by their own arbitrary methods. This Money Power of the Money Quarter of London is the only grand pre-eminent Imperialism existing on the earth.”
BE Indoa Company
Woolfolk traces the spread of imperialism to the British East India Company in the early part of the Eighteenth Century.
“In 1764, the British East India Company was the grandest and richest corporation in the world. It was the only corporation, which ruled a territorial empire. It was enriched by traffic, by the extension of its trade through the conquest of the trading stations of its Continental rivals and by the wholesale plunder of India….it came to pass that the greater part of the stock of the East India Company, and of the other companies afterwards organized out of the dividends of that great company, fell into the hands of the Jews. The Jews became the great Money Kings of the world…. History presents no career of conquest, in which fraud, deceit and rapine were so blended as in the conquest of India by the East India Company. It was the first example in the history of the world of a trading corporation becoming an imperial power; and its imperial rule was marked by the rapacity, chicane and fraud that characterize a great corporation in the soulless and conscienceless pursuit of gain.”
With the invention of the steam engine in 1775, only the capitalists of the British East India Company had the means to profit from the industrial revolution. They set up hundreds of joint stock companies–manufacturing companies of all kinds, coal and iron mining, railways and ships, real estate– which concealed their ownership.
“In commercial crises, often originated, and always manipulated by them, they managed systematically to break down rival companies, and buy them out, and to rob and plunder the minority stockholders; until, in the end, these organized capitalists got into their own hands and very cheap, all, or the greater part of the stock of the various companies, manufacturing, mercantile and shipping, that originated in steam manufactures. They thus reduced to a system and a science the art of crushing rival companies, and freezing out minority stockholders.”
Woolfolk speculates that the Rothschilds did not act alone but represented a syndicate of Jewish bankers.
Lionel Rothschild(Crowns of Europe beg before Lionel Rothschild)

“The rise of the house of Rothschild is memorable as the first grand combination of the Jews in a syndicate, for the transaction of a vast business in which all their capital might be combined. The Rothschilds became the head of the Jew Money Kings, and have ever since been the head of the Jews, acting as a syndicate. That house is probably at the head of the Jew Money Power of the world. The wealth of the Money Power is simply beyond calculation. It cannot amount to less than $160,000,000,000. It is probably nearer two hundred billions…. The Money Power has so much money, now, that it cannot find investment for it. In one more double it will about have all the property of the earth. In the beginning of its career, a double of its capital meant $100,000,000. Now a double of its capital means $400,000,000,000. And all the property of the world is less than $600,000,000,000.”
According to Woolfolk, the Rockefellers and most great American industrialist-financiers were merely agents of the London Money Power. Standard Oil is a classic example of how it established a monopoly in every enterprise. Owning the railroads needed to transport oil, the Money Power put competitors out of business by undercutting their prices.
This cartel of cartels kept the business class in line by creating the spectre of Communism:
“It is their policy to keep up a hot agitation for Communism and Socialism in the great cities; so that the businessmen, in their antagonism to those ideas, will keep on the side of the Money Power. It is a significant fact that most of the agitators for Socialism are Jews, who are most probably the agents of the Money Power to keep up this agitation for their own purposes… It is a part of the consummate craft of these Money Kings.”

“The Red Dragon” is an important reminder that even 150 years ago, wealth and power were concentrated in a relatively few hands. Modern history reflects the hidden machinations of this Money Power to advance their “world government.” The whole world is being colonized.

We see evidence today that one hand directs all the great multinationals. For example, they all sing from the same songbook of diversity, homosexuality and feminism.  All US Presidents are front men for this banking cartel. Their Cabinets are chosen from the ranks of the Rockefeller-controlled CFR. Presidents who defy the Money Power are eliminated. (i.e. most recently JFK and Nixon.) All the Presidential candidates support Israel which was created by the banking cartel to be  their world government capital.
This lethal problem arose because the nations of the world were too feckless to do something so simple as create their own currency. They relied on a network of Jewish bankers to create their medium of exchange in the form of  debt to themselves. No nation had the power or wit to break away from this worldwide imperialist system which is tightening its grip and inevitably must enslave mankind. Unfortunately, these bankers are not just interested in power or money. They are Satanists who wish to sabotage civilization and rededicate humanity to Lucifer.

We must reject this juggernaut in all its manifestations.  Common sense eventually will prevail not because it is common sense, but because continuous violation of common sense produces collapse.

End of quote.

I find it interesting that Woolfolk’s book was written in 1889, and it reinforces several elements I have understood from other sources, one being that the Rockefellers and most great American industrialist-financiers were merely agents of the London Money Power. Standard Oil is a classic example of how it established a monopoly in every enterprise. Owning the railroads needed to transport oil, the Money Power put competitors out of business by undercutting their prices.
Also, to understand for how long this control has been in place in our world.

How Mercury Triggered The Age Of Autism

This brief video reveals some compelling cross correlations in the 30’s with all three uses of ethyl mercury compounds and the emergence of autism, a condition unknown prior to the 30s. Of those three compounds, the only one still in use is thimerosal. The others were withdrawn from the market because they were considered too dangerous…

Email from a Married, Female Ashley Madison User

I reproduce this article by Glenn Greenwald in full:

Ever since I wrote on Thursday about the Ashley Madison hack and resulting reactions and consequences, I’ve heard from dozens of people who used the site. They offer a remarkably wide range of reasons for having done so. I’m posting below one email I received that I find particularly illuminating, which I very lightly edited to correct a few obvious typographical errors:

Dear Glenn,

Thank you for the kindness and humanity you have manifested to those of us whose data is now a source of public mockery and shame on AM.

I am female, hold a job with a lot of responsibility, have three kids, one with special needs, and a husband with whom I have not been intimate for several years due to his cancer treatments.

I also used to write about marriage law policy, encouraging traditional marriage for the good of children. My institution has a morality clause in all contracts.

Mine is a loveless, sexless, parenting marriage. I will care for my husband if his cancer spreads, we manage good will for the sake of the children, but we cannot talk about my emotional or sexual needs without him fixating on his death and crying.

I went on AM out of loneliness and despair, and found friendship, both male and female, with others trapped in terrible marriages trying to do right by their children.

My experiences have led me to soften my views of marriage as my own marriage is a deeply humbling, painful long-term commitment.

I expect to be ridiculed by colleagues, to lose my job, and to be publicly shamed, especially as a hypocrite. Yes, I used a credit card. In my case, I will get no sympathy from the right or the left as I do not fit into either of their simplistic paradigms.

I have received email from Trustify that I have been searched, and it is soliciting me to purchase its services. And I am receiving lots of spam with racy headings.

That is my story. When my outing happens, I suppose I might as well take a stand for those who are trapped in bad marriages. Many of us are doing the best we can, trying in our own imperfect way to cope with alienation, lovelessness, and physical deprivation.

I do not want to hurt my children or husband. I truly wish I had a good one and I want happy marriages for others. I did what I did trying to cope. Maybe it was a bad idea but again, I have met some very decent people on AM, some of whom are now dear friends.

Thank you again.


As I argued last week, even for the most simplistic, worst-case-scenario, cartoon-villain depictions of the Ashley Madison user — a spouse who selfishly seeks hedonistic pleasure with indifference toward his or her own marital vows and by deceiving the spouse — that’s nobody’s business other than those who are parties to that marriage or, perhaps, their family members and close friends. But as the fallout begins from this leak, as people’s careers and reputations begin to be ruined, as unconfirmed reports emerge that some users have committed suicide, it’s worth remembering that the reality is often far more complex than the smug moralizers suggest.

The private lives and sexual choices of fully formed adults are usually very complicated and thus impossible to understand — and certainly impossible to judge — without wallowing around in the most intimate details, none of which are any of your business. That’s a very good reason not to try to sit in judgment and condemn from afar.

As I acknowledged, there is an arguably valid case for such outing: namely, where someone with public influence is hypocritically crusading for legally enforced morality, holding themselves out as beacons of virtues they in fact violate, and harming others through that advocacy. It’s possible this emailer falls within that category: She says her past work involved “encouraging traditional marriage for the good of children.”

It’s worth remembering that even in these “easy” cases, human beings are usually far more complex than the good/evil caricatures we’re all tempted to propagate in order to undermine political adversaries and inflate our own self-worth. Even if you interpret what she’s done in the most ungenerous light possible — even if you conclude that she’s the most extreme case where it’s clear she’s guilty of hypocrisy — are her actions evil and really deserving of full-scale reputational ruin and worse? Is anyone really capable of sitting in stern, doubt-free judgment of the choices she’s made in her most private realm?

The Teflon Toxin – How DuPont Slipped Past the EPA

This is the third in the Intercept series on the DuPont cover-up of C8 toxicity, focussing on how they managed to have the EPA take no action of note.

Ancient megaliths modern skies – Graham Hancock

Thank you, Graham, for sharing this wonderful experience:

Orion over Karahunje 11 Aug 2015Photo of the rising of Orion over Karahunj, 11 August 2015, by Leszek Wesolowski, Time of a New Era.

The attached photograph shows the constellation of Orion rising before dawn over the megaliths of Karahunj, Armenia. The three stars of Orion’s belt can be seen standing almost vertical in the sky above the tip of the menhir just to the right of center in the photograph. Apologies if the reproduction viewed on small devices may be faint but this was a difficult night shot.

In recent years, in response to requests from many readers to accompany me on research trips, I have been experimenting with hosting groups of travellers on journeys to countries of interest for my work. I try to do this a couple of times a year. So far I am very happy with the way these adventures have turned out and the great people who have chosen to travel with me. Armenia is the latest trip and I have spent the past ten days on the road here with a wonderful, open-minded, enquiring group of people exploring the many mysteries of this beautiful and ancient land.

We gathered at Karahunj at 4 am to observe Orion rising close to due east over the ring of jagged mountains surrounding this incredible megalithic site that was established as a stellar observatory more than 7,000 years ago. What made it all the more special was that we were present amongst the megaliths on the night of 10/11 August which marks the beginning of Navasard, the ancient Armenian New Year – no longer officially celebrated as such but, despite censure from the Christian Church, still honored and respected by many in this wonderful country.

Our group is an international one consisting of citizens of the United States, Russia, Australia, Italy, Germany, India, Malaysia, the UK, South Africa, Holland and Armenia and we mingled amidst the stones, beneath the luminous sky, with many Armenians who had made their own pilgrimages to Karahunj from local towns and villages.

The rising of Orion at the ancient New Year is an event of great significance here since this majestic constellation is regarded as the celestial figure of Hayk the legendary hero of Armenia – just as, in ancient Egypt, Orion was viewed as the celestial figure of the god-king Osiris. It was a moment of profound and numinous beauty as the three belt stars came into view over the mountains in alignment with the weathered megaliths, and the constellation began its slow ascent towards the meridian accompanied by a crescent moon a little to the north. After an hour the sun followed, filling the sky with its light and the stars vanished but we all knew we had shared the experience of a very special union of sky and ground, macrocosm and microcosm, human consciousness and the universe that gave us birth and sustains us.

We danced and sang with our Armenian hosts and wished each other a happy New Year. The hope that we were all present to express and to manifest was for peace in this troubled world — so fraught with unnecessary pain and difficulty, so disordered and awry with deliberately manipulated hatred, fear and suspicion. No matter how deviously our politicians, religious authorities and corporate money-men seek to mislead us and divide us from one another, the possibility nonetheless exists for a new spirit of forgiveness, love, trust and tolerance to dawn in which humankind can move forward to create a brighter future in harmony with one another and the universe, and nurturing to spirit.

End of quote.

So much has been done to destroy man’s knowledge of and connection with the cosmic forces, patterns and energies that play such an important part in our lives. Graham’s story of how the Christian church sought to stamp out the Armenian new year, acknowledging a celestial pattern that has been important to them for thousands of years is but one of hundreds if not thousands of examples. Indeed, historical sites are full of these connections and understandings. Why were they so important to our ancestors and why are they being systematically hidden and destroyed?

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