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Great Fire of London 350th anniversary being celebrated: But Was It All Planned???

This article prompted me to share a view that has gradually dawned on me over the years; the so-called Great Fire of London was no accident.

Occurring in 1666, it is after the effective takeover of England by the elite Jews of Europe as they arranged their return to England via the efforts of their agent, Oliver Cromwell, whose activities led to the beheading of Charles I in 1649, some 17 years before the fire.

And the insight comes from that hoary question: Qui Bono?

Who benefited by the destruction? The answer is obvious. What was built in its place was the City of London, that state within a state, with similar independence to the Vatican, that houses the heart of the global Jewish elite’s financial world, all built after the careful planning by Christopher Wren.

So, you are unlikely to find this written anywhere, but the application of that question reveals all.

They must have belly laughs at our stupidity and naivety, continuing to buy their deceit that they reinforce endlessly through such pageantry as this re-enactment.

And, in my opinion, there has been a similar act performed in New York. If you examine the lead-up to the construction of the original WTC buildings, you will see that the clearing away of the hotchpotch of buildings and businesses preceding the WTC construction was driven by none other than the Rockefeller brothers, Nelson as state governor and David as the developer of the site. Now, implicit in this view is that 9/11 was planned before the WTC towers were built. Again, few people consider this idea, but if you examine this article, my opinion piece that David Rockefeller was behind 9/11 and the extraordinary revelations of Betsy McGee, this idea gains some traction. Now, I’m not dismissing the role of Israel; however, it’s important to understand that both the Rockefellers and Israel are joined at the hip, representing those same satanic global Jewish elite, headed effectively today (though it has not always been so) by the Rothschild family. Again, Qui Bono tells us a lot about 9/11 and who drove it.


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Rob Kirby – The Gold Cupboards are Bare & New Silver Buyers Forcing the Endgame

Update – this interview with Andy Hoffman reinforces what Rob Kirby has to say.

If you have an interest in the financial and economic unfolding of our world, Rob Kirby’s perspective on this and the chicken entrails of the precious metals markets are priceless.

In this video, Kirby explains why he sees we are rapidly approaching the crunch point where the globalists who have manipulated the precious metals markets “forever” are losing control, leading to a serious move to the upside in price in conjunction with, at the very least, the collapse of the derivative markets based upon them, though probably much, much more, as I’ve indicated previously.

In this video, Kirby encourages you to go and watch the video series “What I’ve been Afraid to Blog About: the ESF and Its History”. I had never heard of the Exchange Stabilisation Fund (ESF) before this series of 5 short videos by Eric deCarbonnel. It’s mind blowing stuff.

I always thought the creation of the Fed by the globalist Jewish bankers was their key control mechanism for the US and activities. I was dead wrong. The real power and the real deep pocketed funding is in the ESF, set up in 1934 through the revaluation of the US gold confiscated in 1933. Extraordinary and – for me – breathtaking revelations.

But like so many others, deCarbonnel misses the game behind the game. Who was the Treasury Secretary of the day? Morgenthau (Jewish) of the horrific post WWII Morgenthau Plan to starve Germans to death and return their country to an agrarian economy. The Morgenthau Plan was the context within which an estimated 1.5M Germans were starved to death post WWII in American concentration camps. How come we don’t hear about that? If you don’t know the answer by now, I’m not sure why you’re reading this.

And who set up the ESF under Morgenthau? Henry Dexter White, whose parents were Lithuanian Jews. Purely coincidence, of course. White also set up the structures of the IMF and World Bank. Heard of him? Probably not.

Simply put, the ESF has controlled global finance for all practical purposes ever since and been the primary slush fund that financed America’s horrific actions across the globe. And, of course, the ESF is not audited, is not accountable to anyone except those who run it and is seldom even mentioned.

So, there’s a bit to absorb, here, but critical stuff, in my opinion, for those who want to get to the bottom of how our world actually works and what is unfolding in the coming days, weeks and months.


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