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BANNED Climate Conference Goes Ahead

If you look at the climate debate, the notion that the climate is not warming is considered heresy. And those who speak out against this propaganda are treated just like those who speak out against the Holohoax. With one exception. People are not yet being put in jail for speaking out against it as is happening with the Holohoax and I understand has just happened to 87yo Professor Robert Faurisson in France, though I am unable to confirm it. But they are losing jobs and they are finding they can’t get their papers even reviewed, let alone published.

Sadly, most of them haven’t looked deeply enough to understand that the IPCC, the body set up to look into global warming was rigged at the outset, with its terms of reference being restricted to human factors. Guess what they find? It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.

So, I was pleased to see the climate conference in the UK proceed, despite having their venue cancelled on them – another of the favoured ways to shut down debate.

This video interviews some of the key speakers.


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