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Dr Russell Blaylock – What Chemtrails do to the Brain

I have previously shared the work of Dr Russell Blaylock. In this interview, he begins by explaining how aluminium enters the brain via the nose, contributing to if not causing Alzheimer’s disease. He then goes on to discuss the plans to reduce the human population dramatically.

Link between polio vaccine and rare childhood cancers exposed in 1997 documentary

The development of the first vaccine for polio back in the 1950s is still glorified in the mainstream media as one of the most important public health breakthroughs in recorded history. But a little-known documentary which aired on the Canadian news network CBC back in 1997 tells a much different story about the polio vaccine’s safety and effectiveness, including its known tainting with a monkey virus linked to causing cancer and death.

The risk of an epidemic of soft tissue cancer arising from the Salk vaccine in particular was well understood by those on the inside, such as Dr. Alton Ochsner, who was working very hard in secret to address it (and was part of the putsch that saw JFK assassinated, but that is another story…). This information comes out in both Dr. Mary’s Monkey and Me & Lee.

Of course Joe Public was never to know such things. The skeletons were well hidden even back then. Ever wondered why we have such a dramatic increase in the rate of soft tissue cancers in our world in the last 50 or so years, with no seeming answers?

George Soros and the GMO Cannabis Revolution

George Soros and his Open Society Institute has pushed hard, dumping substantial sums of money into a public campaign to legalise marijuana in Uruguay. Why? The Washington Times confirmed the extent of their public relations investment into this issue:
Through a network of non-profit groups, Mr. Soros has spent at least $80 million on the legalization effort since 1994, when he diverted a portion of his foundation’s funds to organizations exploring alternative drug policies, according to tax filings”.

I have no idea what this project is about exactly – a Monsanto-created GMO version of pot, but it can’t be good. We can trust it is not in the best interests of the consumer.

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