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The energy giants are the drivers in Ukraine

Unsurprisingly, the game in Ukraine is unfolding as being about gas reserves, and Royal Dutch Shell with its strong Rothschild shareholding is in the thick of it, along with Joe Biden’s son and others getting involved. If you look more closely at perhaps all of these actions across the globe, you find the resource grab behind it. It has been going on for decades if not centuries. Look more closely at the so-called Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapping and you’ll find it there, too.

This RT video gives an excellent quick snapshot.

‘Syngenta methods of silencing GMO opposition are unbelievable’

A German farmer has revealed shocking GMO company tactics to silence him in an exclusive interview with RT Op-Edge.

German dairy farmer, Gottfried Glöckner, has told William Engdahl about attempted blackmail, character assassination and, ultimately, wrongful imprisonment he suffered when he refused to back off his charges that the Anglo-Swiss GMO company, Syngenta, had provided him with highly toxic GMO Maize seeds that ruined his prize dairy herd and his land.

After spending two years in prison, Glöckner is traveling round the world to tell the story and warn the public of the extreme danger of GMO seeds.

Thank you, Hedy.

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