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Anti-surveillance mask enables you to pass as someone else

Quite a reflection of the situation we are in.

More NSA Secrets Revealed with Greenwald’s new book

Journalist Glenn Greenwald’s new book No Place to Hide hit shelves Tuesday. In it, Greenwald tells the story of how he came into contact with former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, and his months of reporting on the some of the NSA’s most coveted secrets. The new book also contains a trove of new NSA documents that were released for the first time today. RT’s Sam Sacks breaks down this new information being revealed about the NSA.

It seems from this report that the biggest revelations are still to come…

Commentators still view this collection process from a nationalistic perspective, when the entire exercise is about building total monitoring of everyone on the planet, so we can be tracked and directed like a global herd of cattle to serve the interests of those who run the game behind the game.

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