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Why Common Core Must Be Opposed

This report by James Corbett on the origins and focus of the Common Core Curriculum education program being introduced in the United States with massive funding by Bill Gates is an excellent overview. It demonstrates how it has been put together in the classic “bait and switch” manner, and extends the “Education 2000” program that Cathy O’Brien was exposed to through GHW Bush and Robert C Byrd, her primary controller, and wrote about in “Trance Formation of America”.

It is a classic example of the broad range of mechanisms and practices put in place to focus the general populace on its place as dumbed-down, subservient, unquestioning workers to serve the global elite.

But people are waking up and fighting back.

And if you haven’t yet figured the agendas that Bill Gates is pursuing, take a closer look. Perhaps his significant purchase of Monsanto shares might give you a clue.

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