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Operation Choke Point forces bank to dump gun store

Here’s one way to shut down the gun business in the United States – have their banks stop doing business with them. This video discusses the process and refers to this Washington Times article.

It will take a lot to remove the guns from the public in the United States, and a multi-pronged approach is clearly being used. They are not simply relying on the false flag events that seem to be happening almost weekly, now.

Ed Snowden reveals the true depth of his skills and knowledge to NBC News

Snowden is not some low level analyst. He has worked undercover and overseas for both the CIA and NSA. He has lectured for the DIA. He has designed core systems for protecting Americans overseas. And he is forcing the overreach of public officials into the public domain, having tried to address it from within and been told to keep quiet.

This is a powerful and important interview, and in my opinion worth 40 minutes of your time to watch. Although this is but the tip of a very large iceberg, it is about as much as the public can possibly swallow at this time.

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