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The ritualistic child sacrifice at the heart of religion, royalty and politics is being exposed – and quickly

I have shared with you several times the work of Kevin Annett as he labours to expose the ritualistic child sacrifice and abuse that sits at the heart of the major religions, those we consider royalty, as well as the political, military and judicial systems in our world. Kevin has been the driving force behind the establishment of The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in Brussels, and the evidence that has begun to pour forth is overwhelming. Not only this, but the public has begun to recognise that they are the ones holding the power, not governments and corporatized judicial systems, and they are beginning to act.

Additionally, the next planned major religious-based child sacrificial event has been revealed ahead of time and is planned for a Cathedral in Montreal, and the links for much of this abuse back to the German scientists such as Josef Mengele brought to Canada and the United States under Operation Paperclip are being revealed. More and more people with knowledge of all of this are feeling empowered to come forth, despite the personal risks.

This recent video interview with Kevin shares this and much more, including the fact that he understands the powerful spiritual battle going on behind the scenes as the power of humanity is being reclaimed through these processes.

Events are now beginning to move quickly. I commend this interview to you. Unless you understand what Kevin is revealing though his work, you cannot begin to understand how this world of ours works. Its key truths are deeply, deeply hidden.

NSA mass recording Afghani telephone calls as well as Bahamas and others

Wikileaks has revealed that the NSA is also recording all telephone calls in Afghanistan.

I’m Trying to Create a REVOLUTION and I Need your Help!

When I first wrote Wheat Belly in 2011, I sounded the alarm about the destructive effects of the consumption of modern wheat on human health. Many of you heard me and immediately understood that you were the gatekeepers of your own health. Advised by the USDA, the American Diabetes Association, and other agencies that grains should form the cornerstone of diet, is it any wonder that we live during the worst epidemic of obesity and diabetes ever witnessed in the history of man on Earth?
Every day I get messages from people telling me their doctors want them to eat plenty of “healthy whole grains” to combat heart disease and diabetes. I hear hair-raising stories about medical professionals telling patients to stay on wheat while they arrange tests for celiac disease. What? That’s like saying, “Hit yourself with this hammer while I test you to see if your headache is caused by the hammer.” In my opinion, this kind of advice is ignorant, negligent, and dangerous.
I’m asking you to help me spread the word and create a Wheat Belly Revolution through education and an avalanche of testimonials. Let’s accept nothing short of a radical change in the food pyramid, an acknowledgment that grains are not fit for human consumption, the removal of these toxins from our children’s school lunches, and a recommendation from the AMA to physicians to quit recommending grains to their patients. Let’s demand that grains carry a health warning similar to those on cigarettes. Let’s tell the truth and become catalysts for change on a massive scale.
At a time when health care costs are skyrocketing out of control, there is one simple thing we can do to alleviate a multitude of lifestyle-related diseases and raise our quality of life: Stop eating wheat and other grains. Let’s help those who still suffer from the poisonous effects of wheat to reject the absurd advice to eat more whole grains—advice based on misinterpretation and dietary ignorance. Let’s help them experience the positive effects of grain-free eating and understand that “sort of healthy” just isn’t good enough.
How? Share your story on our Facebook page at and recommend Wheat Belly to your doctor, friends, and family. Help people reject the agenda being pushed on an unsuspecting public by agribusiness and pharmaceutical companies. Just think what we could accomplish if we were all healthy, vibrant, and energized.

You deserve nothing less than total health!

William Davis, MD


This one hour video by Davis provides an excellent introduction to what he has to say. Modern wheat is a GMO-like grain that came before GMO technology was around, so it slips under many people’s radar.

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