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Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies to Europe & Dumps The U.S. Dollar

This videos says Russia has turned off gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine effective immediately, plunging several European countries into an immediate heating crisis in the middle of winter. The announcement says Russia sees the manoeuvring of the EU and United States as the first steps to WWIII.

Thought-controlled classroom: orgy of the group

Another fascinating article from Jon Rappoport.

I quote:

“In the middle of all the brain-research going on, from one end of the planet to the other, there is the assumption that the individual doesn’t really exist. He’s a fiction. There is only the motion of particles in the brain. Therefore, nothing is inviolate, nothing is protected. Make the brain do A, make it do B; it doesn’t matter. What matters is harmonizing these tiny particles, in order to build a collective consensus, in order to force a science of behavior.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Individual power. Your power.

It stands as the essence of what the founding documents of the American Republic are all about, once you scratch below the surface a millimeter or so.

Therefore, it stands to reason that colleges and universities would be teaching courses in INDIVIDUAL POWER.

As soon as I write that, though, we all fall down laughing, because we understand the absurdity of such a proposition. Can you imagine Harvard endowing a chair in Individual Power?

Students would tear down the building in which such courses were taught. They’ve been carefully instructed that the individual is the greatest living threat to the planet.

If you can’t see that as mind control, visit your local optometrist and get a prescription for glasses.

So we have this astonishing situation: the very basis of freedom has no reflection in the educational system.

End of quote. I commend the entire article.

But a little later in the article he wrote this:

From another discipline, medicine, here is an illustration of power-reduction, standardized and uniform treatment of every individual, avoidance of the unique elements of each person, and a chilling approach to surveillance, all wrapped up in one package:

Several years ago, the Business Insider printed a story:

“DARPA is at it again. This time, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [the technical-research wing of the Pentagon] has announced plans to create nanochips for monitoring troops’ health on the battlefield.”

Those who criticize the plan point out that gradually accustoming people to the insertion of chips will eventually lead to the mass chipping of society.

Yes, true. But there is another op, too.

Further down in the Business Insider, we have this official explanation: “…the sensors [nanochips] are targeted at preventing illness and disease, the two causes of most troops’ medical evacuation.”

Did you catch that? Apparently, the implanted nanochips are going to relay soldiers’ physical symptoms back to base in real time.

End of quote.

When I read this, a bomb went off inside my head. On my way back to Australia last week, circumstances found me thrown together briefly with an American guy coming to Australia on a diplomatic clearance to give a lecture. As I do, I asked what he did and he said he worked for part of the military that was developing systems by which they could know if a soldier had been injured in the field, perhaps more seriously than was obvious, so they could intervene and triage him more quickly, etc., and the reason he was in Australia was that there was interest in such systems for civilian use. We had limited time together, travelling on an airport transit bus and I left it there. But I was wondering how they would do this monitoring of the soldier’s vitals remotely, but also a system which could be used for civilian purposes. And here it is. A communicating nanochip.


And this man is presenting on their military solution for civilian implementation, seemingly around the globe. Man, I wish I’d been alert enough to ask another question or two.

George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action

This article is self-explanatory. George Soros has been funding civil unrest in the United States.

“Our DNA includes a belief that having people participate in government is indispensable to living in a more just, inclusive, democratic society,” said Kenneth Zimmerman, director of Mr. SorosOpen Society Foundations’ U.S. programs, in an interview with The Washington Times. “Helping groups combine policy, research [and] data collection with community organizing feels very much the way our society becomes more accountable.”

This is completely in line with “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”; something I’ll have more to say about in the coming days.

The Free Encryption App That Wants to Replace Gmail, Dropbox, and HipChat

Another piece of the easy to use, secure electronic world.

Today, Kobeissi plans to announce Peerio, an “encrypted productivity suite” meant to help individual users and businesses encrypt everything from IMs to online file storage. The software, initially launching as a Windows and Mac app as well as a Chrome plugin but coming to mobile platforms soon, resembles a simplified Gmail with IM and Google Drive features included. Unlike Gmail, all communication sent via Peerio are end-to-end encrypted and can’t be decrypted by anyone but the recipient—not even someone with access to the Peerio server itself.

“With Peerio everything you share or communicate with your team is secured with state-of-the-art encryption, and it’s as easy as using Gmail. You don’t need to learn to use it,” says Kobeissi. “Peerio brings crypto to where the people are.”

I ask you Brits to STOP Cameron and his goons from introducing legislation to stop this. You have the power in numbers and action to say no.

The Paris false flag shootings and what they mean for your future

I want to draw together the picture that I see regarding the so-called Paris shootings and their aftermath. I have already shared with you some examples of the evidence that this event was a false flag event. Let’s briefly revisit this.

Firstly, let me say that YouTube has been working overtime to remove most of the videos that have revealed exactly what occurred. We shouldn’t be surprised.

This summary from Gordon Duff covers most of the issues, including a brief video of an AK47 being fired at a watermelon. Enough said.

A very funny video of a supposed dead policeman taking a selfie when he thought he was hidden behind a car has disappeared. A pity I didn’t grab it. It was hysterical.

Then we have this article with more evidence. The one undeniable element here is the second alignment line with the left front wheel that appeared whilst the gunmen were supposedly shooting the police. You need the HD original video here to see it clearly.

This video analyses the so-called shooting in some detail, including the ridiculous stories about the supposed terrorists. And this little video just gets it.

So, that this was a false flag event is not open to question. And no-one that is either listening to the media or the Internet can fail to see and hear the huge outcry about this apparent outrage. And within a day or two there were stories and opinion pieces and follow up actions based upon the so-called truth that move the world so far on from the false event, the average person has no clue what occurred, nor would they even contemplate that they’ve been conned. We saw it at 9/11, at Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombings, etc. All false flags and now very well documented proof thereof.

Even so, many people that, today, I had hoped would begin to see through this game are like deer in the headlights, and if they don’t wake up they are about to get run over. Again.

I had before now not heard of this guy who calls himself redsilverj (thanks, Molly), but in my view this video does just an outstanding job of placing this event in its context. It runs just over half an hour, but if you want to grasp the issues, it is a small investment to make. Redsilverj explains how this is really France’s 9/11 and how it is advancing the New World Order agenda.

Here is a wonderful piece by Claudio, one of the Internet’s freedom fighters, he has called Manipulation of Terror – and yet he doesn’t even get the false flag bit. And he wrote it before he heard David Cameron’s announcement that he wants to ban encryption. In the name of terrorism, of course.

And a couple of tweets I saw in response to this announcement that I have to share:


ISIS guy 1: I know, let’s use cryptography to hide our messages!
ISIS guy 2: We can’t, it’s against the law in the UK.
ISIS guy 1: Oh, OK.


NK hacks Sony for a movie. Charlie Hebdo attacked by terrorists. UK wants to ban encryption. Go home reality, you are drunk.


And reality is drunk. On fear and belief in what the media and so-called world leaders pour forth.

Add to this we can add the public announcement that the so-called Five Eyes partners are to meet in London on January 22nd. “We’re going to have a meeting with our Five Eyes allies in London and this is serious stuff. Terrorism will be there” on the agenda, Blaney told CTV television.

So, we have a high level of anti-Muslim hysteria cranked up, effectively martial law in France, Cameron announcing plans to legislate against encryption, which impacts you and me and also makes effective journalism impossible, and the supposedly secret Five Eyes partners publicly announcing their plans to crank up their agenda against terrorism (which they invented along with Israel on command from the guys behind the scenes). Not bad, so far.

Do you see how this stuff works? Are people going to say enough is enough? Know that if the goons that run our world behind the scenes (more about this in coming days) get away with this in Britain, it will soon get rolled out across the planet. No encryption. Ohh… it’ll be OK if you’re talking to your bank, of course. But no PGP, no Tor, no Signal, etc. All dead and true journalism along with it.

I’m drawn to share with you this post from a programmer who’s right now attending Moxie Marlinspike’s Winter Break of Code in Hawaii, working on improvements to Signal, TextSecure, RedPhone, etc. It’s so full of the uncompromised optimism and joy of youth, working on something that he knows is making a difference to people’s privacy, giving freely of his time to a project that is given free of charge to the world. And this stuff is at the heart of what Cameron’s legislation is about, because the spooks can’t snoop on it. Ever. It uses great encryption, but it’s like ethereal summer breeze, wisping in and gone.

These goons who we saw linking arms in so-called solidarity are the scum of the Earth. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be allowed to have those roles (more on this, soon, too). They’re all just part of the puppet show we are persuaded by the mainstream media to be real. And they will continue to step forward unless we stop them.

As I contemplate this, I’m reminded of the story Dr. Rima Laibow shared in her interview with Kate Johnston. She demonstrated what can be done through the mobilisation of a protest against a plan to vaccinate all American citizens in response to the Level 6 global swine flu pandemic that was declared in June 2009, a vaccination which was designed to cause all Americans to be infertile, amongst other conditions. Rima organised a protest that stopped this plan in its tracks. Listen to her story about this. You need to understand how sinister these people are. Within 11 days, 3 1/2 million emails flooded the inboxes of government and it was stopped. Rima has provided us with a leadership example and shown that it works. Indeed, if you haven’t watched the entire interview, I commend it.

Now, whilst this issue is not a life and death one, Cameron’s proposed encryption ban is the first step down the road of ensuring none of us can keep anything private from their prying eyes. And THEY HAVE NO DAMNED RIGHT to do this, and Rima’s example is one that those of you in Britain can act upon, in your own interest and in the interests of the rest of the world.

Take action, and stop these goons in their tracks while the rest of us tap a few more people on the shoulder and show them what’s going on.

Venezuela being brought to its knees by oil prices

I have been focussed on the impact on Russia of global oil prices, completely forgetting about the impact upon Venezuela.

The first part of this article brings it home. The United States has been gunning for them for some time. As Steve Pieczenik is wont to say, a good economic weapon is far more effective than the gun (I paraphrase).

The fallout of these prices is all over the place. Australia’s major oil and gas producer in Santos has negative value at current prices.

The other sleeper is all of those who are long on crude futures. Many of these will start to come home to roost big time soon, and whoever gets left holding the baby will probably not survive, including major banks. Remember the world’s governments post last year’s G20 are rapidly legislating to make what you think are your assets in their possession just another piece of capital for the banks, so it’ll just disappear before your eyes. Be warned.

But you can be sure George Soros will be making another billion or three being short. When you’re party to the planning, it’s hard to get it wrong.

“Your Aging Brain” – Dr Russell Blaylock – Essential knowledge for us all

I have shared presentations by Dr. Blaylock in the past. He was a neurosurgeon for some 24 years before becoming a champion of helping people to understand what processed food is doing to us, and how often lies and deceit have been used to get a food or an ingredient into the food chain. And if you think the food you are consuming is safe for you and your children – unless you are extremely careful – think again. Many things we are persuaded are safe for us to eat, simply are not.

If you haven’t understood that there is a detailed plan to poison us, watch this video. Watch it and make up your own mind.

I never ask you to believe anything I write about. I ask you to make up your own mind – but not dismiss what I share with you based upon your existing beliefs. Beliefs blind us all.

Sydney venue cancels seminar of US anti-vaccination campaigner

Pressure is mounting against a planned speaking tour by American anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny, with at least one venue now cancelling a seminar.

The more I watch my home country of Australia, the more I see it as one of the most programmed countries on the planet – and some others are pretty bad. Let’s not even LISTEN to the evidence before we continue on the path we are on. WE HAVE DECIDED… VACCINATION IS WONDERFUL – ALWAYS. And anyone who says anything to the contrary is lying and should not be listened to.

And just in case you are interested in why it’s not always so wonderful, you can listen to Dr. Paul King discussing it here with Dr Rima Laibow (forgive the poor sound).

Or read about this deliberate misuse of a vaccination program to sterilise Kenyan women. Of course, that’s Africa. It couldn’t happen in a civilised country like Australia, could it?

Or the work of Robert Kennedy Jr. on this, primarily looking at autism.

And if they’re all so safe, how come there’s a special vaccine court in the United States to handle vaccine-related cases?

Or the recently revealed fraud where the CDC falsified data for a 2004 study on the risk of autism in black males. Or this article or this video.

No, let’s all just go back to sleep. Everything’s OK. Nothing to worry about. Sherri Tenpenny is just another of those American “nutters” we need to protect Australians from.

This graphic from David Icke sums things up:

The last year should be 2013

Belief and identification with that belief are very powerful in our world, and those who programme our reality are very aware of it. Belief and identification with that belief are far more powerful than the truth for most people. Most of us will simply discard or avoid the evidence that threatens our beliefs. I watch it almost every day in the people around me. It takes courage and self-belief to do otherwise.

More evidence that the Paris shooting was a false flag event

Firstly, let me say that most of us really struggle with the idea that such an event could be falsified and all of the so-called leaders in our world would participate in it. Well, they have and they do, and it’s been going on for possibly centuries – certainly well over 100 years.

A little earlier I shared with you the incredulous take from Gordon Duff, who is a retired US marine and has been an intelligence analyst for decades and with a network to kill for. He provides a lot of evidence for his incredulity.

Now, another interesting piece of evidence has come across my desk – some analysis of the released footage of the police shooting. For me, the most telling piece is the mark on the road in front of the getaway car, so it knew where to park, but then when the gunmen come back, there are TWO marks on the road, the second in alignment with the LH front wheel of the car, which mysteriously appeared in the minute or so of the supposed shooting. So, it’s a movie we’re watching, made with the usual multiple takes. But, in truth, much of what are told is real is just a made-up movie. We just happen to be inside it, rather than watching it on a screen somewhere.

And the more people wake up to it – as they are – the less they will be able to pull this stuff off. But we are still in a place where too many good people take this stuff for real, and in so doing participate in the reduction of our sovereign rights and the extension of the degree of surveillance we are subjected to.

Strong evidence the Paris Attack a Ridiculous False Flag!

There has been quite a deal written suggesting that the Paris shooting was not real, beginning with the lack of blood from the police officer shot and also one of the shooters supposedly dropping his ID at the scene, just like was supposedly done at 9/11. But I could not ignore this summary from Gordon Duff, which states that it was not even filmed in Paris!!!

Gordon Duff of absolutely destroys the official fairy tale of the Paris Attack. It wasn’t even filmed in Paris! It was either done in a studio or in another city and they proved that with their knowledge of Paris streets and by walking every street within 1 mile of the address. There is no street like that in Paris! They were firing blanks! Real AK-47’s don’t sound like that and take baseball sized chunks out of concrete. “Dead” cop was seen later very much alive. Gordon said it’s the most ridiculous false flag he’s ever seen!

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