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Teen Jailed for 13 Days After EMT Kit Pocketknife Found in His Car – Jordan Wiser

Just another data point.

Jordan Wiser, a high school senior you might call an overachiever, is being prosecuted for having a pocket knife in his car at school, a pocket knife that was part of his Emergency Medical (EMT) kit for out-of-school work that he does.

Would this have happened even ten years ago?

Understanding how our world operates and why, including Agenda 21

Over the last few months, David Icke has worked with Richie Allen on The People’s Voice to bring forth a series of 9 episodes he has called Dot Connector in which David maps out his picture of why the world is the way it is, and who is driving it where – unless we collectively stick a spoke in its wheel. I have previously shared with you links to a couple of these Episodes, but I encourage you to take the time to watch all of them. David has a perspective and an understanding that flows from spending 25 years looking under rocks that most would not consider looking under, and he has gone from sounding completely far-fetched in most of what he has said, to being seen as hitting many nails right on the head.

For those with limited time, I suggest you watch Episode 8 and Episode 9, released recently. Episode 8 covers, amongst other things, the influence of what he terms “Rothschild Zionists” in the world, using the United States as his prime example. It will probably shock you. Episode 9 provides a summary of the series, but particularly focusses on the detail of Agenda 21, a subject I have mentioned several times.

If you want to begin to understand our world, invest a little time to view this series. I don’t agree with all of David’s views, but he has got a great deal very accurate.

Treasury still working on Australian ‘bail-in’ law

Thank you, John. For me, the connection to the confiscation of depositor’s funds in Cyprus is the key. In line with David Icke’s “Totalitarian Tiptoe” model, we see legislation being put in place under which depositor’s funds can be confiscated around the world.

I remember a phrase from my old world business days – “Think Global, Act Local”. Our dark friends are masters at this. Another example of this is the changing of planning laws across the planet to allow the construction of the tiny apartments now being built in New York. 10’ x 30’ apartments. It’s the format for the dense, urbanised housing that is planned for those who manage to survive in the “new world”. Of course, such changes are enacted at the state and local council level, and most don’t see how this is being rolled out globally.



Small beans, but indicative of the machinations of the money people.  “For profit” when going well, socialised when not.  What a great set up! 


Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Media Release  Thursday, 20 March 2014

Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary
PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058
Phone: 1800 636 432

Treasury still working on Australian ‘bail-in’ law—demand to know what’s in it

Senior Treasury figures have confirmed to the Citizens Electoral Council that the “bail-in” legislation about which the CEC warned in its full-page advertisement in The Australian on 3 December, is still under preparation.

In response to the public’s concern, the officials claimed that “bail-in” does not apply to bank deposits, only to a new type of bank bond.

However, given the way bail-in has been applied around the world, and the Australian government’s own track record with bank deposits, the Australian people must demand to know exactly what will be in the legislation.

First, take the government’s approach to bank deposits. Abbott and Hockey are keeping the legislation that Rudd rammed through last year, to seize deposits in bank accounts that have been “inactive” for three years. A government source has revealed that Abbott and Hockey are keeping this measure, because the government is now dependent on this “revenue”.

Second, be aware of how bail-in has been implemented in other countries, under the supervision of the same IMF-Financial Stability Board-G20 nexus supervising it in Australia:

  • In March 2013 the IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank bailed in depositors in the major banks of Cyprus, when the impending failure of those banks threatened to ignite another wave of bank failures across Europe. Even though this seizure of deposits was for amounts above the guaranteed threshold of 100,000 euros, it so destroyed confidence in the banking system that all accounts were frozen to avoid bank runs, and Cyprus was plunged into financial chaos and economic collapse.
  • That same month the president of the Eurozone finance ministers, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, declared the Cyprus bail-in was now the “template” for the entire Eurozone.
  • On 13 October 2013 the IMF’s Fiscal Monitor report proposed a one-off, across-the-board seizure of 10% of the private wealth of the citizens of Europe, from their bank accounts, to reduce public debt.
  • The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has implemented its own bail-in policy called Open Bank Resolution, in which depositors have no protection, but like all “unsecured creditors” will see a portion of their accounts seized to keep the bank going. The RBNZ brags that its OBR policy is aligned with the Financial Stability Board’s Key Attributes of Effective Resolution   Regimes, which includes bail-in.

Under the pressure they are getting from the public, the Australian government is trying to claim that its planned bail-in law doesn’t involve seizing deposits, but the public should not accept that reassurance until it is shown in writing in the legislation.

The CEC is leading the fight to force the government to come clean on this issue, and abandon any plans it has for depositor bail-ins. Join the fight!

Click here to sign the CEC’s statement against bail-in and, instead, for a Glass-Steagall separation of risky investment banking from retail banking, so that deposits in retail banks are kept safe.

Click here for a free copy of the CEC’s new pamphlet, Glass-Steagall NOW!, which shows how stopping the global financial meltdown begins with Glass-Steagall.

Click here to join the CEC as a member.

Click here to refer others to receive regular email updates from the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia.


Russian article from 2008: “Obama will trigger World War III starting from the Crimea peninsula”

From 2008: Under the new U.S. President Barack Obama in the Crimea will be implemented scenario of armed conflict. ” It is the American scenario , and under Obama the probability is much higher than under McCain, ” – said at a roundtable in Kiev, Russian political scientist Andrei Okara , said ” New Region ” .

Expert explains : “It became clear when it was announced that what people will represent the Obama team . These are people whose professional registration – Wall Street. These people are engaged in a technology called ” technologies of controlled chaos . ”

According to Okara , after Georgia area ” controlled chaos ” in the first place , was to be the Ukraine, namely – Crimea . ” This is the point of a fire , including global conflicts that escalate into a world war , which, unfortunately , is one of the scenarios , the implementation of which at the moment from the real ” – says the analyst.

There is a link at the bottom to the entire article in Russian. Google will translate it for you.

It seems our Russian friends were expecting all of this, perhaps as an attempt to trigger global war.

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