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Terrorism threat greater now than before 9/11, says security expert Dr Anthony Bubalo

Ya gotta love ‘em.

The West is facing a more powerful terrorism threat now than in the lead-up to 9/11 because of the Middle East’s current political and economic uncertainty, according to one of Australia’s top security analysts.

Research director at the Lowy Institute for International Policy Dr Anthony Bubalo says the region’s many conflicts have galvanised international extremism and provided an environment in which “a whole new generation of jihadists [is] being re-tooled and re-trained”.

So let’s take a look here for a moment.

Research director at the Lowy Institute for International Policy

The Lowy Institute is a creation of Frank Lowy, the founder of Westfield Corporation, now a global retail property operation. The Lowy Institute is one of those “think tanks”. Remember what they’re about? They’re primarily a creation of those connected to the Rothschilds and think they can run the world in their own interest – and this one is no different.

People tend to think of Larry Silverstein when they think of the who “owned” the World Trade Center at the time of 9/11; however, Westfield (US) leased the retail precinct, meaning Frank Lowy was deeply connected with what unfolded that day. Moreover, there is evidence that Westfield properties have been commonly used for so-called terrorist attacks, e.g.  this article, and also his properties have hosted the Bilderberg group, and Lowy has been an attendee at the Bohemian Grove dark shenanigans.

Frank Lowy is on my long list of people to look more closely at but, for me, he smells strongly as one of the key Australian players in the global Rothschild Zionist network.

So, here we have one of Lowy’s minions giving us a warning about the Zionist-created terror network being on high alert. Keep your eyes open for a large false flag event – maybe involving a 777 airliner?

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