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World Bank Insider: “There is a Huge Global Conspiracy”

Karen Hudes was the Senior Counsellor at the World Bank and has come forth as a whistleblower about global banking corruption (shock, horror!!! We had no idea…).

This interview covers what she has come to understand. Given her background, Karen’s revelations carry some weight.

Ed Snowden live at SXSW: ‘Constitution being violated on massive scale’

This video is Edward Snowden’s Q&A with attendees of the SXSW conference today.

Farm Bill 2014 carries the banner for Agenda 21

What is interesting to me in this article is how it describes steps associated with Agenda 21.

According to Kevin Morse of The Nature Conservancy, one of the goals of the farm bill is to bring food production and conservation into harmony. After all, this is an ecology, you can’t affect one aspect of the environment without affecting others.

“We’ve got to find a way to harmonize our food production system with our conservation system, so we can feed people. And so we still have clean water for people to drink, and clean water to support our fisheries industry and our recreational industries,” says Morse.

One of the ways the farm bill does this is by setting aside easement land and habitat programs to protect wildlife and endangered species. Protecting waterways and streams is another.

The farm bill encourages this conservation by tying some of it to the availability of crop insurance. Farmers will need to make strides to conserve land and protect it from erosion if they want coverage.

Another incentive, farmers can be paid to not plant on certain sensitive landscapes, like where erosion is possible or where protected species may find refuge.

End of quote.

All of this looks innocent enough, unless you understand the bigger picture that these steps fit into – removing the small farmer, having large scale farming of GMO product in selected zones, and moving everyone else into tiny urban apartments. More on this shortly.

Counter Intelligence I: The Company (CIA)

This excellent documentary on the history of the CIA, including its overthrow of many governments around the world which includes some its so-called allies such as the Australian Whitlam government in 1975, is a history we all need to understand, in my view. The CIA is an organisation with its own agenda and substantial independent funding sources, most notably the global drug trade.

As I reflected upon the discussion of the CIA’s involvement, along with Australia’s DSD, in the dismissal of the Whitlam government, including concerns about protecting Pine Gap and other US bases in Australia, I feel more confident of my theory about the assassination of Harold Holt in 1967 at the hands of US-associated interests to remove his opposition to setting up Pine Gap, which was opened two years later.

The Film: “Shadows of Liberty”

Thank you, Hedy.

This is an excellent documentary on the evolution of the US media, and how the politicians and others have allowed the aggregation of the US media. It does not get into its role as a propaganda instrument to any great degree, but it covers most of the other ground very well.


A documentary called “Shadows of Liberty” demonstrates the truth behind the US news media:  censorship, cover-ups and corporate control.

“If it didn’t appear in the New York Times, FOX news and CNN, it never happened.”

No surprise that this film wasn’t covered by corporate-controlled mainstream media. Here is a Democracy Now review.

You can find the documentary here. You will see that this version comes from SBS, and independent, partially government funded media outlet.

I expect to see SBS and the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), both free of corporate ownership, to come under increasing pressure given the unabashed and blatant support by Rupert Murdoch of the current majority party during last year’s election. His support no doubt will come at a price.

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