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Agenda 21 in Action: The ‘Water Police’ is Enslaving America — Detroit First

One take on the implementation of Agenda 21. Heard of Building One America?

Most of you have never heard of Krulig or Building One America and there is a good reason for their anonymity. If a majority of the American people were to discover Krulig’s true intentions for suburban dwelling Americans, they would chase him down the street and string he and his people up from the nearest light poles.

Be Prepared, Israel’s Sampson Option is on the table.

This is an interesting perspective on what might be in play currently, and for me, it is a real possibility as I have indicated previously. Until you understand who and what Israel really is and whose interests it represents, none of this makes any sense. When you do, it makes perfect sense.

This article passingly states that Fukushima was nuked by the Israelis, and whilst I haven’t discussed it here, there is strong evidence for this view – the combination of a mini-nuke and the Stuxnet virus. At some point I will discuss the Israeli and the American use of nuclear weapons over the last 20 or so years.

For now, this article is a “heads up” for you.

Australia’s Basically Fucked Card

A brief piece of satire on the Basics Card being trialled in Australia. I see some very large global fingerprints all over it.

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