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The State’s Endless War on Children

This video begins by sharing the story of a 2yo girl taken by the so-called Child Protection Services from her parents on the flimsiest pretense, leading to her subsequent death in the hands of others.

I share this with you to expose this abuse, but also to explain something most people do not understand. We think our children are ours, but they are not in most if not all Western countries. They are the property of the state, as are we until we choose otherwise, and the state can come and take them anytime they want with virtual impunity. We have been seeing this play out strongly in the United States and the U.K., and in Australia with Aboriginal children in particular.

You need to begin to understand the inversion in our world. Most things constructed by the world’s controllers are the dead opposite of what they claim to be. A very obvious one is US Defence when it’s really about attack. In this case, Child Protective Services and so-called foster homes are a source of children for paedophilia and sacrifice, not for the protection of the children. This is very obvious in the work by Kevin Annett I have often shared with you and also the Franklin Scandal I shared a few days ago, and it is very clear in the latter part of this video I am sharing with you today.

Until you begin to recognise this inversion practice, you cannot begin to understand how the world truly works and begin to take your power back from it.

The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare

I find this story of Alayne Fleischmann as the whistleblower who triggered the so-called $9BN penalty supposedly paid by JP Morgan Chase of interest from two perspectives. Firstly, the story itself is a good read and I honour her courage in coming forth. Secondly, it is a great illustration of how the game gets played, with Eric Holder displaying absolutely no desire to prosecute the banks for their fraud and participated in a substantial obfuscation to distract the public (the bank is paying nothing like $9BN in reality), driven by the fact that he fully understands and is part of the game behind the scenes, where the major level of the game in our world is owned and controlled by the global bankers – Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, etc., all with Jewish German roots – but this is never to be revealed at any cost.

Until you put this piece in place, you cannot understand what goes on in our world. What drives these global bankers is a whole separate layer, which I do not plan to get into, at least for now. But if you examine their footprints in our world over centuries, you will find they are ruthless, without compassion and nothing or no-one is allowed to interfere with their agenda. Anyone who tries to or begins to expose the game, with rare exceptions, has not survived. But maybe, just maybe, this carefully woven tapestry is beginning to fray.

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