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The Recent British Paedophilia Allegations and How the Global Pieces Fit

Two days ago I referred to revelations in the mainstream media of a paedophilia cover-up in Britain. This acted as a trigger for David Icke to come forth on the Richie Allen Show and overview the understandings of how paedophilia and Satanism sits behind all of the power structures in our world, including discussing some of his key sources and direct quotations for this information.

David has been researching this for 25 years and has experienced great synchronicity as the various sources have come forth to confirm what others have said.

Most of us do not want to believe that this can exist. How could George Bush Sr. be a paedophile and child killer? Ditto the British Royal family and major political figures across the global establishment? It is how this world is run, and those who run it rely on most of us not picking this apart. If we do, their game will very quickly be up.

This interview with David is perhaps the best overview of all of this that I have heard from him on this. For me, it was easier to listen to it on my phone as I went about other things. You can access this mp3 file here to listen to or download. I commend it to you and I encourage you to share it far and wide. The world needs to wake up to this truth.

The Most Important Law In U.S History (AUMF) Is Up For Debate And No One Is Talking About It

Most of us have heard of the Patriot Act, which was rushed through Congress after 9/11, and which has just been renewed (hear any discussion about it?). But it seems there was another one that rapidly followed 9/11 called AUMF – Authorization for Use of Military Force. I, for one, had not heard of it until I watched this video on it by Luke Rudkowski. It’s the one that Bush Jr used to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, to name two. Thank you, Luke.

As usual, you need to look under the covers to see what’s going on. When there’s a lot of noise in the media about one issue or another, look quietly in the other direction to see what’s really being done.

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