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How To Encrypt The Entire Web For Free – “Let’s Encrypt”

Although it received very little publicity, the US Senate this week failed to pass the legislation to enact changes to the modus operandi of the NSA, limited though they were. In any case, there is abundant evidence that they will collect all of our personal data anyway, regardless of what we might think they have the authority to do. Which means protection is in the hands of the individual and those websites and services they interact with.

The situation is well described in this article by Glenn Greenwald and this one by Tyler Durden. As one wag pointed out, the vote was a vote for encryption by default on the Internet. In my view, it’s a good thing because it will have a few more people recognise that their protection on the Internet is their own responsibility and the ways of doing it are getting easier by the day.

Which is why the “Let’s Encrypt” initiative is so exciting. Available from Q2 2015, this initiative makes free, easy to use HTTPS encryption available to any website that wants to use it. Thank you, Ed Snowden and those who worked on creating this service.

US fails to properly monitor Fukushima fallout

If you doubt that Fukushima was a planned event, watch this brief video. From this you can see clearly that the US is doing NOTHING officially to track or to act upon the Fukushima radioactive pollution coming to the US West Coast. Ken Buesseler has had to rely upon crowd funding to set up monitoring. Moreover, he confirms that neither TEPCO nor anyone has any idea how much radiation was released and how much continues to be released.

But nobody talks about it. Compare this to man-made global warming and terrorism, two carefully constructed memes. I’m sure you get the picture.

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