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Assertion of Common Law Authority Taking Back Power from Corrupt Canadian Government and Others

This is an important milestone. Established off the back of the common law convictions against the British and Canadian Governments and the Catholic and Anglican churches by the ITCCS, the Republic of Kanata has asserted its authority in a dispute in Western Canada – and had the authority acted upon.

Totalitarian Tiptoe sees Australian journalists gagged with ISIL as the excuse

I have written previously about the changes being rolled out in Australia, with the support of both the government and “opposition” (read the other shadow puppet), which see ready jail terms for journalists who write about matters considered security-related and whistleblowers. Five to ten years jail. They also see rights introduced to eliminate on-line and PC privacy. This legislation is moving to the next step.

Unsurprisingly, the discussion is about the local context:

Is this going too far?

This is a bit heavy handed in a “free society”…

Spare me.

No-one seems to understand that similar legislation is being enacted in all so-called “five eyes” countries concurrently and will be everywhere if it has not already been done. Mostly it’s ISIL that’s being used, but it might just be a false flag terror attack, as was used in Canada.

But this is exactly how it’s done, my friends. Step by step. No one step big enough to cause a strong reaction, the path being well prepared by incessant fear-mongering over terrorism of one sort or another. 9/11 was a big step. A horrific false flag event to move the game dramatically. The “new Pearl Harbour” the neocons had spoken about the need for 2-3 years before.

Aaron Russo, just before his death from “cancer”, told us how Nick Rockefeller had forewarned him about  a catastrophic event that would come, blamed on a terrorist who would be chased through caves in Afghanistan. Watch the video and see for yourself. He also discusses how the Rockefellers funded Women’s Liberation, so they could tax women and to help break down the family unit, so the state had more control over the forming views of children.

David Icke calls this process the Totalitarian Tiptoe.

Stand back, my friends, and begin to see the world you live in. You are in a box and the walls are closing in, more rapidly by the day, and this Fascist Australian legislation, justified on the basis of a created threat, is just another step.

Ferguson’s Psyop Race Wargame

Another view of the events in Ferguson.

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