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The Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson

As I have said previously, I have largely stayed away from the Mike Brown shooting and its aftermath – until the last few days.

But I have been getting questions from someone about this, plus I received an email sharing a video statement from the police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot Mike Brown.

So, let’s start with this.

If you accept his version, he was well justified in his actions. Brown was threatening him and looked like he could have pulling out a gun as he came back towards him.

But I remembered hearing statements that Brown had his hands in the air when he was fatally shot by Wilson. So I went looking.

Without much difficulty – about 5 minutes’ effort – I found YouTube video testimonies of three quite separate witnesses saying Mike Brown had his hands in the air when Wilson fatally shot him (he had already wounded him by all reports).

Firstly, this witness testimony

Then this witness testimony

Finally, this witness testimony

Now, I am not arguing that Mike Brown was some innocent bystander. There is evidence that he may have robbed a nearby convenience store. There is also evidence of an altercation between Brown and Wilson whilst Wilson was still in his car. But the evidence is quite clear from three separate witnesses that Mike Brown had his hands in the air when Wilson fired the fatal shots. Clear grounds for indictment, I would have thought – and completely at odds with the polished version Wilson gave in this interview.

There is also this video showing the shooting death of another black teenager in the area, reportedly the shooting death of Brown, but it does not fit the other evidence. However, it does illustrate both the readiness with which police shoot somebody and also how they can be provoked to do so by circumstances. You would expect them to be trained to deal with such a situation without executing the man, but this does not seem to be the way – which is entirely consistent with the modus operandi we should expect to see more of as the Agenda 21 controls come into place. To my knowledge, this shooting death did not even make the “news”.

The deeper issue is how readily American police in particular execute people with impunity, even when they are somebody who has called them over some issue – black, white or any other colour.

Not many deaths from terrorism, though…

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