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Is the explosive situation in Ferguson being used to foster racial hatred and sow the seeds of a racial war?

I have not commented on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, where we have seen violent protests over the police shooting of Michael Brown, a black man.

The display of force and lethal weaponry during the riots following the shooting in August led to a massive outcry over the extensive and unprecedented militarisation of American police, a process that has been rolling out across the world and which I now see as one of the planks of Agenda 21. These are the resources required to impose the coming police state, and the hiring of thugs into the police and other services has been intentional. It’s little wonder we see the extraordinary number of unprovoked shootings of innocent, unarmed civilians by police in America in particular, with no action taken against the police. It all fits.

And so we sit, waiting for a decision as to whether the offending police officer will face charges.

Jon Rappoport says it’s a staged, covert op. There’s plenty going on to suggest it.

And this video summarises rather well some of the pointers in this direction, notably seeking to encourage a race war in the United States. This is far from the first time I have seen people suggesting this is in the plans of the elite.

We will soon know where this is all headed.

Moxie Marlinspike discusses the future of protection in the on-line world

A few days ago, I introduced Moxie Marlinspike to you, the guy behind the encryption models we see in TextSecure, RedPhone, Signal and now WhatsApp, and also one I did not know about – GoogleSharing (which seems to have morphed in some manner to Blur by

Moxie’s insights into how we have been given “Choices” under what he terms a Social Democratic model, i.e.  a “choice” to carry a mobile phone rather than being told to carry a Government issued personal tracking device – i.e.  the Fascist model – have led us to the same place but in a softer, less coercive way, a view you would not be surprised to find I agree with completely, though one that is becoming more coercive by the day. Indeed, you do not have to look far to see how deeply Google is connected to the control structure that is carefully hidden in our world, as I have shared previously.

I was excited, then, to receive a link to his presentation at DEFCON 18 entitled Changing Threats To Privacy: From TIA to Google. Moxie is a highly intelligent, thoughtful young man who is committed to limiting the surveillance we are all subjected to – for those who care enough to – and doing it for free. I found this a very interesting and informative presentation.

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