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David Icke discusses Illuminati symbolism in Washington DC, Moloch and Bohemian Grove

David clearly reached back into the archives for this footage, but it makes it no less relevant and shares some insights into some of the subjects I have written about many times:

the symbolism built into the layout of Washington DC,

the role of Moloch the owl in Illuminati symbolism and

the importance of Bohemian Grove.

And wait until you see who was sitting in a Bohemian Grove presentation in 1957.

And in case you think this was some “coincidence”, I suggest you read Cathy O’Brien’s “Trance: Formation of America ”, in which she describes her early meetings with Jerry Ford as a child when he was the local mafia porn boss and her being prostituted to him over the years before and during his Presidency.

Perhaps you might begin to see why I give no credence to the nonsense we call democracy and this current US Presidential “Punch & Judy” show. Do you think it’s any different anywhere?


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Orlando shooting: actor/witness: what?

Sometimes things just beg to be shared. This from Jon Rappoport:

Want to get this one out fast, so no live links. You can find the reports.

See a post on anomalies in the Orlando shooting, at the site, Fellowship of the Minds, by “Dr. Eowyn.” (Here’s the link – Richard.)

The Eowyn post mentions mainstream press articles reporting the shooting—those mainstream articles appeared six hours before the Orlando shooting actually occurred. That’s rather curious, yes?

But the Eowyn revelation that cooked my brain was about a Pulse-club “witness to the shooting,” Louis Burbano, who is an actor. An actual actor with credits. He was interviewed by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. Eowyn shows an IMDb screenshot of Burbano’s most recent role in a short 2015 video: Burbano played a “club patron.” The title of the video? “Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up.”

Now we’re through the looking-glass. Way through the looking-glass.

End of quote.

As I’ve said, these things emerge very time, but Joe Public never looks for them and the control machine just lumbers on, regardless. They don’t care that a few amateur sleuths find the truth. It’ll never get airplay on the MSM. The control machine owns that.




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Deutsche Bank Tumbles Near Record Lows As Yield Curve Crashes

Despite major jawboning and bond-buying by The ECB, Deutsche Bank’s “see it’s not Lehman after all” dead-cat-bounce has officially died as the giant German bank’s stock collapses back near record lows.

With Europe’s bond curve crushed (and 10Y Bunds trading 1.1bps today), it’s beginning to look a lot like Lehman again…

End of quote.

We know where the Lehman scenario led us; the 2008 GFC.




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Invisible microparticles in food can deliver vaccines, drugs

I reproduce Jon Rappoport’s article in full:

Thanks to researcher Mary Baker for showing me an explosive patent application and its implications.

Before getting to the details, the overview is this: a technology exists to embed tiny invisible particles in food products, and these particles can deliver nutrients and drugs and vaccines. Apparently, the technology has existed for at least 10 years. Yet, as Baker states, when have you seen a food label that mentions such particles?

Are we to assume the technology hasn’t yet been applied? Is it operating at a stealth level? I’ll try to answer these questions in a minute. But first:

US Patent application ‘US20080044481 A1’. “Microparticles for oral delivery.” May 27, 2005. The inventor and assignee is listed as Mordechai Harel, who was associated with Advanced BioNutrition Corporation of Columbia, Maryland. Here are a group of quotes from the patent application. The statements leave no doubt about the wide, wide application of the technology.

“The particles described herein can be used to deliver bioactive agents (e.g., nutrients, drugs, vaccines, antibodies, and the like), bacteria (e.g., probiotic bacteria), smaller particles, or substantially any other material to the animal.”

“The particles described herein can be prepared and used as free-flowing dry powders, slurries, suspensions, and the like, and are useful for delivering to an animal a drug, a pesticide, a nutrient, a vaccine, a smaller particle, or substantially any other composition that can be contained in the particles. The particles are thus suitable for use in human food products, animal feeds (e.g., pet foods and farmed animal diets), therapeutic compositions (e.g., drugs), prophylactic compositions (e.g., vaccines, antibiotics, and probiotic bacterial preparations), and pest control products among other products.”

“A ‘particle’ is a discrete piece of a (homogeneous or heterogeneous) material having a maximum dimension not greater than 5000 micrometers.”

“Furthermore, when the microparticles are to be used as components of a food product, it can be desirable that the microparticles are not visible.”

“The particles described herein can be used to deliver substantially any chemical species, combination of chemicals, cell, or other piece of matter that can be incorporated into the particle to a component of an animal. All such items are referred to herein as ‘bioactive’ compositions, regardless of what the utility of the composition is. Bioactive compositions include, for example, pharmaceutical compositions or compounds, nutraceutical compositions or compounds, nutritional components, probiotic bacteria, bacteriophages, viruses, flavorants, fragrances, detergents or other surface-active compositions.”

“Examples of these [deliverable micro] agents include antibiotics, analgesics, vaccines, anti-inflammatory agents, antidepressants, anti-viral agents, anti-tumor agents, enzyme inhibitors, formulations containing zidovudine, proteins or peptides (such as vaccines, antibodies, antimicrobial peptides), enzymes, (e.g., amylases, proteases, lipases, pectinases, cellulases, hemicellulases, pentosanases, xylanases, and phytases), liposomes, aromatic nitro and nitroso compounds and their metabolites, HIV protease inhibitors, viruses, and steroids, hormones or other growth stimulating agents, pesticides, herbicides, germicides, biocides, algicides, rodenticides, fungicides, insecticides, antioxidants, plant and animal growth promoters, plant and animal growth inhibitors, preservatives, nutraceuticals, disinfectants, sterilization agents, catalysts, chemical reactants, fermentation agents, foods, animal feeds, food or animal feed supplements, nutrients, flavors, colors, dyes, cosmetics, drugs, vitamins, sex sterilants, fertility inhibitors, fertility promoters, air purifiers, microorganism attenuators, nucleic acids (e.g., RNA, DNA, PNA, vectors, plasmids, ribozymes, aptamers, dendrimers, and the like), antioxidants, phytochemicals, hormones, vitamins (such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12; C, D, E, and K, pantothenate, and folic acid), pro-vitamins, carotenoids, minerals (such as calcium, selenium, magnesium salts, available iron, and iron salts), microorganisms (such as bacteria, such as probiotics, lactobacilli, fungi, and yeast), prebiotics, trace elements, essential and/or highly unsaturated fatty acids (such as omega-3 fatty acids, and mid-chain triglycerides), nutritional supplements, enzymes (such as amylases, proteases, lipases, pectinases, cellulases, hemicellulases, pentosanases, xylanases, and phytases), pigments, amino acids, agriculturally useful compositions to either prevent infestation (such as herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, mixtures thereof) or to promote growth (such as hormones, fertilizers, or other growth stimulating agents), flavorants, and fragrances.”

I’d say that’s a wide range of application, wouldn’t you?

Did you notice, among the blizzard of compounds deliverable through invisible microparticles, the drug called zidovudine? That’s AZT, a chemo medicine used to treat AIDS patients. To say AZT is toxic would be a vast understatement. It destroys the ability of cells to replicate. And back in 2005, it was mentioned as a drug that can be delivered in food.

So is this technology being applied? Do we, in fact, have these microparticles and their bioactive components in our food?

Let’s go back to the 2005 patent application. As I mentioned, the inventor, Mordechai Harel, was associated with a company, Advanced BioNutrition Corporation. On the company’s website, we find a link to a scientific paper co-authored by Roger Drewes, who became the company’s chief science officer in 2010 (“A novel targeted delivery technology for protecting sensitive bioactive compounds…”). This is an interesting paper. Here is some of the language in the paper. Does any of it remind you of quotes from the 2005 patent application? The paper mentions a novel and proprietary “delivery technology,” MicroMax, which “protect[s] sensitive bioactive compounds through food manufacturing processes.” Also mentioned: a “formulation containing natural polymers surrounding the probiotic bacteria or other biologically active materials…” The probiotic bacteria “remain quiescent while retaining their activity for a long period of time under challenging…gastric conditions…[MicroMax was tested using] bacteria, essential oils, vitamins, enzymes, pigments, and even vaccines in a variety of food and feed products…and the microparticles were sieved to deliver the desired particle range…” [emphasis added]

This might help. Here is the abstract from the 2005 patent application: “The invention provides microbeads containing oil-associated biologically active compounds and methods for their manufacture and use. The microbeads consist of a soluble complex of non-digestible polymer and emulsifier with oil-associated biologically active compounds embedded in a matrix of digestible polymer. The disclosed microbead complex protects the biologically active compounds, such as vitamins, fish oil and carotenoids, from oxidation, taste and odor degradation. The disclosed microbeads also provide protection from the stomach digestive distraction [e.g., gastric activity] and allows for the delivery of the biologically active compounds in the intestine.” [emphasis added]

I think we’re looking at the same technology in the 2005 patent application and in Advanced BioNutrition Corp’s MicroMax methods—or two technologies that closely resemble each other—in which case, yes, invisible microparticles in food are much more than a proposed system. This is a working system, available now. It can deliver a stunning array of chemicals and bioactive substances to people in their food. (Note: I have no idea what Advanced BioNutrition Corp is or isn’t delivering to its customers—but I think the company should make these facts known.)

Who knows what other companies have, and are using, this technology?

Are we looking at zero informed consent to be treated, in food, with medicines and vaccines? Zero knowledge on the part of the public? Zero accountability? Nothing on the food labels?

If this is happening to the population now, the word “stealth” only begins to describe it.

Jon Rappoport




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MK-Ultra Triple Play in Orlando


This Orlando “event” is being thoroughly worked over by the MSM, driving several concurrent agendas, gun control being perhaps the leading item. I can’t ignore it. Meanwhile, we have this kind of well-connected insight and update from Preston James, including some of the horrific practices that are part of the modern MK-Ultra mind control and programming regime. It is simply beyond imagination.

As well, the alternative media has begun to share the strong evidence of “crisis” actors being used, as has become commonplace in these events.

And in case you think the false flag scenario is – well – false, watch Steven Spielberg directing the action at the Boston Marathon bombing and Sofia Smallstorm’s analysis of the Sandy Hook “massacre” in Connecticut, where nobody died. To say it’s a false flag event is not to say that nobody died. They may well do. It’s saying that the event was contrived and not conducted by those blamed for it, 9/11 being a classic case. Mind you, as James Perloff eloquently and cogently illustrates, false flag events have been used to trigger perhaps all wars and major global events in the last couple of hundred years at least. It’s just that most of us are asleep to it.

We all need to disengage from the MSM and look more deeply, difficult though that can be, if we want to try to get an accurate understanding of what is going down.

And don’t get me started on the agenda pursued by Jewish Steven Spielberg in his movies. It’s truly horrific when you stand back and look at it. For example, Joe Average still thinks Schindler’s List was factual. Job done.




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A different take on the ‘Pulse Shooting’ In Orlando

You can take the MSM version of the recent Orlando shooting, or you can begin to look for alternative takes on it. Here’s a good place to start. Frankly, I’ve lost interest in picking apart these events in the US and elsewhere. They all fall apart when you look.

As I’ve said, we are not going to change this from within this paradigm. But, perhaps, an alternative is emerging.




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Google Protects VIP Pedophile Ring & Censors Fiona Barnett

Censorship can be subtle but nonetheless effective. I have written about Google’s antics in this regard before.

This example is as clearcut as you’re likely to get:

Recently it has been confirmed that Google censored it’s search engine to promote Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign by concealing her crimes and current FBI Investigation.[1] It appears that Google might be censoring Fiona Barnett’s story where she exposed Nicole Kidman’s dad as a Satanic pedophile involved with a VIP pedophile ring.

The censorship affects the suggestions that appear underneath the Google search box as a user types into it. These suggestions were purposely altered by Google to remove any reference to Hillary’s crimes, and it appears that the same has been done for Antony Kidman.

These screenshots are a few comparisons I have done on Sunday the 12th of June at around 8:00PM, Sydney time. These comparisons between Google, Bing and Yahoo show that Google, the biggest and most sophisticated search engine in the world, misses out on the most popular search terms for Antony Kidman that have any reference to his crimes.

End of quote.

Go to the article to see the blatant illustrations.

I suggest that this happens widely.

I remind you of this image from Google Earth that shows the shadow of Moloch the owl cast at the Georgia Guidestones. Coincidence? Fat chance.

These guys are part of the global control system.

Remember, you will not rail against being imprisoned when you think you are free.

Here’s Moloch in the centre of Washington.

Moloch the owl in Washington

And if you look, there are owls all over Washington.

And perhaps the most infamous example of Moloch is from Bohemian Grove:

Moloch at Bohemian Grove



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I’m proof that eating fat can be good for you

I find it refreshing that an article that speaks the truth and confronts the lies we have been brought up on about food. Dr. Michael Mosley says the following:

Once upon a time it all seemed incredibly clear. When I went to medical school in the early 1980s I was shown clogged up arteries, fresh from an autopsy, and was assured that this was the result of eating too much fat, particularly saturated fat, the sort found in red meat, milk, cheese and butter. Eating fat, we were told, raises your cholesterol levels and high levels of cholesterol are strongly linked to heart disease.

So I gave up butter and cheese and took to skimmed milk and zero-fat yoghurt. I told friends and family that eating fat would clog their arteries as surely as pouring lard down a drain. I also told my overweight father that the best way he could protect his waist, as well as his heart, was to go on a low-fat diet.

This was soon after he had been diagnosed as type 2 diabetic and started on medication. Following my advice he put aside the fats, ate more starchy foods – and got fatter and fatter. His diabetes also got steadily worse and he needed ever larger doses of medication to try and keep it under control. Twenty years later he died of heart failure, a common problem in diabetics, at the age of 74.

If I had known what I know now about the high failure rate of low-fat diets, my advice would have been completely different and he might have lived to see his grandchildren grow up.

Recently Britain’s National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration issued a report demanding a “major overhaul” of dietary guidelines – in particular claiming that the focus on low-fat diets, which has dominated dietary thinking for the last 40 years, has been a mistake.

It would be easy to dismiss this as another week, another confusing dietary claim. But from personal experience, and having spent many years looking into the science, I’m firmly on the side of the authors of this report.

So what led us to listen to the ”wrong” dietary advice for decades? The roots of current standard nutritional advice lie back in the 1950s, when an American scientist called Ancel Keys published a study into the association between diet and cardiovascular disease. His paper included a simple graph comparing fat consumption and deaths from heart disease in men from six different countries. Americans, who ate a lot of fat, were far more likely to get heart disease than the Japanese, who ate little fat. Case solved.

It is a myth that has taken a long time to die. Until very recently the American Heart Association was still issuing dire warnings about the dangers of eating foods containing cholesterol. Yet a meta-analysis of 17 studies published in the British Medical Journal in 2013 concluded that “higher consumption of eggs is not associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease or stroke”.

2013 also saw the publication of a hugely important study in the New England Journal of Medicine, which finally put a huge nail in the low-fat coffin.

For this trial, which started in 2003, Spanish researchers recruited over 7400 people, many of them Type 2 diabetics, and randomly allocated them to either a low-fat diet or a much higher fat “Mediterranean diet”, which along with fruit, vegetables and oily fish, encouraged them to eat oily nuts, olive oil and have a glass of wine with their meal.

The trial, due to run for many years, was stopped early because those on the higher fat, lower carb Mediterranean diet were doing so much better than those on the low-fat diet.

This became particularly relevant to me four years ago when I discovered that, like my father, I had become a type 2 diabetic while still in my early fifties. Rather than start on medication I invented a diet (the 5:2 diet), lost weight (10 kgs) and reversed my diabetes. Both my weight and my blood sugars have remained normal ever since. To keep them there I have taken up mindfulness (it reduces stress), I’ve become more active and, most of all, I have completely changed what I eat.

I cook with olive oil, eat full-fat yoghurt, snack on cheese and have switched back to butter. Eggs are a big part of my diet.

The reason, I believe, why this is a healthier diet than a low-fat one is because it keeps my insulin levels down. Because insulin is also a fat promoting hormone, advising people to eat lots of starchy foods (which is still standard dietary advice) is likely to make them fatter, not slimmer.

I’m not suggesting we should all start to glug down cream or gorge on stilton. What I do think is that official bodies need to urgently rethink their standard advice.

End of quote.

Being the suspicious and “sceptical bastard” I am, I see this diet as no accident, and if you look at the contents of processed foods, you see the evidence – lots of sugar and flour. It ain’t fats that make us fat. It’s SUGAR and refined carbs in particular. Moreover, when you understand that modern wheat was interfered with (pre-GMO, so it escapes that labelling) in the 60’s to 70’s and came into the food chain on about 1980, as explained eloquently by Dr William Davis, the evidence becomes very clear.

And this article entitled The Rats Who Preferred Sugar Over Cocaine includes the following (thanks, Sean):

intense sweetness “is much more rewarding and probably more addictive than intravenous cocaine.” Or, to put it another way, the French scientists’ findings “clearly demonstrate that intense sweetness can surpass cocaine reward, even in drug-sensitized and drug-addicted individuals.”

End of quote.

Did you know that? Funny that. Do you think the food industry and those who own and run it didn’t know that? I’ve seen evidence they’ve known it for over 50 years. So, we are intentionally steered towards the foods that make us fat and diabetic whilst told the dead opposite. Our world is full of such examples in almost every area of life. In fact, if it’s strongly advocated by the mainstream, whatever it is, look carefully and suspiciously at it.

And in What if there was a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and no one knew?, Dr. Mary Newport shares the following:

My husband Steve, age 58, has had progressive  dementia  for  at  least  five  years.  He had  an  MRI  in  May  2008  showing  a  diffuse involutional  change  of  the  frontal  and parietal lobes and moderate left-sided and severe right-sided  amygdala  and  hippocampal  atrophy  with  no  ischemic  change,  which  would support  a  clinical  diagnosis  of  Alzheimer’s Disease. For non-medical people, this means that  he  has  shrunken  areas  of  the  brain.

Many  days,  often  for  several  days  in  a  row, he  was  in  a  fog;  couldn’t  find  a  spoon  or  remember  how  to  get  water  out  of  the  refrigerator. Some days were not so bad; he almost seemed  like  his  former  self,  happy,  with  his unique sense of humor, creative, full of ideas.

One day I would ask if a certain call came that I was expecting and he would say, “No.”  Two days  later  he  would  remember  the  message

from so-and-so from a couple of days earlier and what they said. Strange to have no short-term  memory  and  yet  the  information  was

filed somewhere in his brain. My gut feeling is that diet has something to do with the fluctuation, but what. I knew that he was locked

up  in  there  somewhere,  if  only  there  was  a key to open up the areas of his brain that he didn’t have access to.

Steve has a BSBA in accounting, and did billing,  bookkeeping  and  accounting  for  my neonatology  practice  from  home,  so  that  he

could stay with our girls. He loved computers and was a fast typist. He could open computers up to repair them and fix practically anything  else  without  ever  having  instruction. If he did not have a tool to do something he would  “invent”  it  and  make  a  usable  prototype. He loved to kayak and made an attachment to keep his kayak moving in a straight line.  About  five  years  ago  he  began  to  have trouble organizing to do his accounting work. He would procrastinate as much as possible. He made mistakes with the payroll and I began to sit with him to help him get it right. I thought it was just that our practice had gotten  more  complicated  with  more  employees.  He knew  that  something  was  wrong  and  depression set in. We took him to a neurologist about 4 years ago, who did a Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE,)

and  Steve  scored  a  23  out  of  30,  putting  him  into the mild range of dementia. On this test, the lower the score is, the worse the dementia. His MRI was reported as normal at that time.

About  three  years  ago,  Steve  started  taking Aricept  and  two  years  ago  Namenda.  We  were hopeful that, if we could slow his decline enough, a treatment would come along that would turn things around for him. He was changed over from Aricept to Exelon  in  August  2007  after  losing  ten  pounds over  several  weeks.  In  the  past  12  months  there was  a  noticeable  change.  He  can  no  longer  cook

for  himself,  remember  to  eat  a  good  meal,  use  a calculator  or  even  perform  the  simplest  addition, however he still keeps busy all day working in the yard or in his garage and he is still in good physical condition. I now do all the cooking for a man who used to cook for his family regularly. I give him the medications  because  he  can’t  remember  to  take them,  much  less  take  the  right  pills.  Every  night,

we hold each other before we go to sleep and I wonder how many more times we will get to do this. It has been a nightmare to watch his decline and feel helpless to do anything but watch it happen. He is fully aware of his dementia, and we talk about it frequently. He is no longer depressed, probably with the help of counseling, Lexipro and Wellbutrin, or maybe worsening of his disease.

I  subscribe  to  various  alerts  and  check  the website periodically  to  look for drug studies that he may qualify for. Two years ago  we  tried  to  get  him  into  a  study  for  a  promising  anti-inflammatory  drug,  Flurizan,  but  he  did not qualify because he had a history of depression within the previous two years. Wouldn’t you be depressed if you knew you had Alzheimer’s?  In fact, depression may be a symptom or precursor of Alzheimer’s.

Until  very  recently,  I  didn’t  see  anything  regarding  the  potential  use  of  medium  chain  triglycerides (MCT oil), or ketone bodies (also called ketoacids,)  the  end  product  of  their  metabolism, which may not only treat, but also prevent Alzheimer’s  disease.  Further,  this  is  a  potential  treatment for   Parkinson’s   disease,   Huntington’s   disease, multiple  sclerosis  and  amyotrophic  lateral  sclerosis  (ALS  or  Lou  Gehrig’s  disease),  drug  resistant epilepsy,  brittle  type  I  diabetes,  and  diabetes  type II, where there is insulin resistance. Ketone bodies

may help the brain recover after a loss of oxygen in newborns  through  adults,  may  help  the  heart  recover after an acute attack, and may shrink cancerous tumors. Children with drug resistant epilepsy sometimes  respond  to  an  extremely  low  carbohydrate ketogenic diet…

…What do these entities have in common?  Our cells  can  use  ketone  bodies  as  an  alternative  fuel when  glucose  is  not  available. (My emphasis).  Brain cells,  specifically neurons, are very limited, more limited than other  cells,  in  what  kinds  of  fuel  they  can  use  to function  and  to  stay  alive.  Normally,  they  require glucose (sugar), but they can also use ketone bodies.  Humans  do  not  normally  have  ketone  bodies circulating  and  available  to  the  brain  unless  they have been starving for a couple of days or longer, or  are  consuming  a  ketogenic  (very  low  carbohydrate) diet, such as Atkins. In Alzheimer’s disease, the  neurons  in  certain  areas  of  the  brain  are  unable to take in glucose 4, 5  due to insulin resistance and slowly die off, a process that appears to happen one or more decades before the symptoms become apparent.  If  these  cells  had  access  to  ketone  bodies,  they  could  potentially  stay  alive  and  continue to  function…

… At the time of this writing it has been 60 days since he started taking coconut oil (May 21, 2008.) He walks into the kitchen every morning alert and happy, talkative, making jokes. His gait is still a little weird. His tremor is no longer very noticeable. He is able to concentrate on things that he wants to do around the house and in the yard and stay on task, whereas before coconut oil he was easily distractible and rarely accomplished anything unless I super vised him directly, a source of some contention between us!

End of quote.

So, almost by accident, Dr. Newport discovered that after adding natural fats (coconut oil) into her husband’s diet, his Alzheimer’s began to recede. Clearly another disease caused by our high sugar, low fat diets.

But I highlighted the ketone bodies observation above because I think there is a key message here. Conventional wisdom is our brains need sugar (glucose) to function, along with a lot of other parts of the body. But the body has an ENTIRELY SEPARATE mechanism for operating, using ketone bodies, which it gets from fats. But in our high sugar world, this mechanism has been hidden.

Now, I’m not advocating no sugar. I eat lots of fruit. We want natural sugars in our diet. It’s what the body knows how to deal with. And get natural fats back into your diet. We’ve been horrendously lied to. You may not like bacon and eggs like I do, but you and I can both eat it and other saturated fat foods without guilt anymore.




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In Switzerland – World’s Longest Tunnel Opens with Satanic Ritual

The satanism that sits behind the scenes and is the primary “faith” of those who run our world is becoming less and less hidden:

The Gotthard Base Tunnel — a record-setting 35.4 miles long, and farther below ground than any other tunnel — was inaugurated Wednesday. The occasion was marked with a celebration that promoted “Swiss values such as innovation, precision and reliability,” as the tunnel’s website puts it. But to most, it seems like a truly Satanic Ritual in many ways!

A dance troupe also performed in just their underwear before fireworks were sent blasting into the sky outside the venue.

The out-there event was in honour of the world’s longest rail tunnel, running for 35 miles under the Swiss Alps, and was put together by German director Volker Hesse.

It featured a baby with feathered white wings and oversized head and a man dancing with a bird’s nest on his head. Music was provided by Alpine horn players, an army band and live choirs.

The show included a goat-man who yelled on the stage while surrounded as dancers dressed up as straw bales and surrounded by men and women in veils.

Katehon experts comment this:

The satanic and sodomite imagery surrounding the opening of the tunnel showed the artistic and religious preferences of the globalist elite. The opening of the Tunnel was a symbolic anti-Christian act of devil-worship. The post-modernist show tied with old imagery such as a goat-man was an obvious message. The presence of EU leaders is also significant.

End of quote.




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The Startling Truth About How Working Families Are Truly Faring In This Economy

It is hard to live the American Dream when the deck is stacked against you.  Our politicians stood idly by as millions of good paying jobs were shipped overseas, our economic infrastructure was absolutely gutted and multitudes of small businesses were choked to death by miles of red tape.  Now, we are reaping the consequences.  In America today, nobody has a job in one out of every five families, and there are more than 100 million working age Americans that are currency not working.  And thanks to our transition to a “service economy”, many of those that are actually working are deeply struggling too.  According to the Social Security Administration, 51 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year.  And the Federal Reserve says that 47 percent of all Americans could not pay an unexpected $400 emergency room bill without borrowing the money from somewhere or selling something.  That means that about half the country is flat broke, and things get even more precarious for working families with each passing day.

Of course the plight of working families is not something that is new.  Back in the 1950s and 1960s, wages and salaries earned by workers accounted for around half of all gross domestic income.  But since 1970 there has been a precipitous decline, and during the Obama administration we hit an all-time low.  In other words, the share of the pie being enjoyed by working families just keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

All over the country, median incomes have been falling for years.  This is putting an incredible amount of financial stress on working families, and we have seen poverty grow explosively in the United States during the last couple presidential administrations.  According to one study, median incomes have fallen in over 80 percent of the major metropolitan areas in this nation since the year 2000…

A major new analysis of income in America published by Pew earlier this month found that more than 80% of the country’s 229 metropolitan areas have seen real (inflation-adjusted) incomes fall steadily since the start of this century. Some of the steepest declines in median incomes have been seen in cities hit by industrial decline – for example a 27% drop in Springfield, Ohio and 18% in the conurbation that includes Detroit. But, ominously, even fast expanding success stories have seen incomes falling.

The area around Denver, Colorado, has seen its population grow by 600,000 since 1999, but its median income has fallen from $83,500 to less than $76,000. Similarly Raleigh, North Carolina, is a fast-growing city buoyed by a cluster of research universities and biotech firms; the population has shot up from 800,000 to 1.3 million this century. Yet its middle class has shrunk from 55% of the population to 50%, and median incomes have fallen by more than $11,000 to about $74,000.

Once upon a time, the middle class was a solid majority in this country.

In fact, 61 percent of all Americans were considered to be middle class back in 1971.

But now, the middle class in the United States is becoming a minority for the first time ever

“After more than four decades of serving as the nation’s economic majority, the American middle class is now matched in number by those in the economic tiers above and below it,” the Pew report said. “Since 1971, each decade has ended with a smaller share of adults living in middle-income households than at the beginning of the decade, and no single decade stands out as having triggered or hastened the decline in the middle.”

One of the big things that is destroying the middle class is the death of entrepreneurship.  For decades, small business creation was one of the primary engines that helped fuel the growth of the middle class, but in recent years small business creation has fallen to depressingly low levels

Fewer new businesses were created in the last five years in the US than any period since at least 1980, according to a new analysis (pdf) by the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), a bipartisan advocacy group founded by the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Parker and others. Businesses that did form are also far more concentrated than ever before: just 20 counties accounted for half of the country’s total new businesses. All of them were in large metro areas.

It’s hard to put into scale the collapse of new business formation. We have no precedent for that rapid and steep of a collapse,” said John Lettieri, co-author of the report and co-founder of EIG, in an interview. “It will have a ripple effect in the economy. You‘re going to feel that impact five, 10, and 15 years in the future.”

Of course just about every other economic indicator shows the dramatic decline of the middle class as well.  As you can see from this set of charts from Zero Hedge, median family income, the labor force participation rate and the rate of homeownership are all way down over the last decade.  Meanwhile, the U.S. national debt, the number of Americans on food stamps and healthcare costs are way up.  Does that sound like a “healthy economy” to you?

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