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Thank you, Graham.

I quote:

Within some circles in the scientific community, debate rages about whether computers will achieve technological singularity (TS) or strong artificial intelligence (AI)–in other words, self-recognition or human consciousness within a computer–within the next few decades. Now, however, a Korean quantum physicist has shown that computers will never be able to duplicate human consciousness or be programmed to do so, because they lack the fundamental . . . well, humanity. And his research may finally answer questions that have long stymied brain science researchers.

In his paper, “Non-computability of Consciousness,” Daegene Song proves human consciousness cannot be computed. Song arrived at his conclusion through quantum computer research in which he showed there is a unique mechanism in human consciousness that no computing device can simulate.

“Among conscious activities, the unique characteristic of self-observation cannot exist in any type of machine,” Song explained. “Human thought has a mechanism that computers cannot compute or be programmed to do.”

End of quote.

Such a notion will not sit well with those wedded to what Rupert Sheldrake calls the “scientific worldview”, in which everything is believed to arise within the temporal domain. Indeed, there are many wonderful, highly intelligent, dedicated people who have given their lives to proving this notion, and simply cannot accept the possibility that they might just have gotten it wrong or, more accurately, been hoodwinked. In my experience, most such people fall into the classic trap of looking only for evidence to demonstrate they are correct, excluding the evidence that might demonstrate that they are not. In fact, few approach science from the perspective of designing experiments that may disprove their conclusions. There’s too much at stake to do this.

A review of the Near Death Experience (NDE) literature, for example, makes it difficult to sustain this view, including the extraordinary healing of Anita Moorjani after her NDE that I recently shared with you. Moreover, you simply cannot read Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi and sustain that view. Ditto a viewing of Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What and the thorough research on reincarnation by Dr. Ian Stevenson.

I also provided some examples in my 2007 eBook “The Coming Golden Age and How to Prepare for it”. I quote:

Dr. Candace Pert is best known for her opiate receptor, endorphin and peptide research. Her work is based on how the bodymind functions as a single psychosomatic network of information molecules which control our health and physiology.

In Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind, Candace Pert says that we are more “like a flickering flame than a hunk of meat”. She outlines experiments conducted primarily by Dr Frank Putnam on individuals with multiple personality disorder. It turns out that one personality can be short sighted with severe allergies, whilst another can have perfect sight and no allergies – and the allergy differences have been confirmed with blood tests as little as 5 minutes apart. Candace says this shows that consciousness creates reality, because depending on what mind is in the body, the body changes. Our mind creates our body…

… Some years ago, Libet and Feinstein conducted some fascinating experiments on patients who had their skullcaps removed for surgical reasons and with the agreement of the patients conducted some stimulus response experiments. The patients were conscious during these experiments.

For example, they stimulated, say, a person’s finger and then looked to see how long it was for that stimulation to show in the relevant area of the brain in a way that would produce a response. This state is called neural adequacy. They found a delay of about 500ms before neural adequacy was achieved. Now this is way longer than it takes for us to pull our finger away from something hot, for example. How come? It could be explained by this kind of “decision” being made within our bodies and this does appear to play a part.

However, even more interesting is that when they provided the stimulus, then anaesthetised the relevant area of the brain, there was no longer a response to the stimulus. So something being done (anaesthetisation) after the response would have occurred normally, prevented the response that would otherwise have happened in the past.

A Fred Alan Wolf puts it, “we’re in Twilight Zone”. This tugs at our fundamental perception of reality. Fred discusses this work in detail and you can download his papers from his website.

Further experiments by them were conducted which involved turning on a coloured light and asking the person being tested to decide when they saw the light to decide if they liked the light and if they did, press a button and if not, do nothing. The brainwave patterns of the subject were monitored.

What emerged was that the brainwave activity began before the light was turned on. In other words, the subjects were making up their minds before they saw the light.

Similar experiments have been conducted using randomly selected computer images by Dean Radin. Participants were asked to press a button, knowing that, 5 seconds later, a randomly selected image would be displayed.  The participants began to respond to the image, in a manner consistent with the image about to be displayed, before the image was displayed. This response was measured by way of heart rate changes, skin conductance, in the brain and systemically throughout the body. It was demonstrated in hundreds of trials and repeated by other experimenters.

End of quote.

I could give you many other examples, examples essentially ignored by those subscribing to the “scientific worldview”, but it is simply ignored by the scientific mainstream because it simply doesn’t fit the model.

One more thing. In my view, this scientific worldview is no accident. Although most who ascribe to this view would protest loudly, it is my view that this scientific worldview, containing as it does many intentional distortions, has been created by those same interests that have created, directly or indirectly, our economic and social models of Capitalism, Marxism, Communism, Nazism, etc., along with a medical system based exclusively upon pharmaceuticals and which ignores the millennia of natural healing remedies, have sold us this distorted picture that denies the existence of consciousness beyond the temporal; that consciousness is a product of the mind. It is part of the distorted picture of reality that we have been sold, because it serves the interests of those who have sold it to us. Humanity could not be enslaved if we truly understood who and what we are.

So, I find the conclusions of Daegene Song to be of particular interest.

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