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Video of Ursula Haverbeck in court and being interviewed

As Michael Hoffman says:

This video is in German. Those who do not understand the language will profit nevertheless from watching this footage. Ursula Haverbeck’s powerful moral force and spirit of truth shine through, even across the language barrier.

As long as there are Germans evincing her high level of decency, eloquence and fearlessness, there is hope!

End of quote.

No-one can watch this and fail to see the decency, honour, integrity and peace in this 87 year old woman, and the similar qualities of her supporters.

Just to remind you, under German law, if you question the Holocaust, you have two choices:

  1. Plead guilty and place yourself in the hands of the court.
  2. Plead insanity.

You are cannot mount a proper legal defence, calling forth witnesses, etc. That’s what caught them out in the trials of Ernst Zundel in Canada. He was allowed to mount a defence, and did so.

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