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Meeting Snowden in Princeton

If you’re into understanding how to protect yourself cryptographically on-line, this is a good read.

A follow-up on the Germanwings crash – it was not Lubitz who did it

As I said in a previous post, the A320 has remote control, so it could never have been crashed by the co-pilot as claimed.

I have found it interesting how a number of people trained in psychiatry (some of whom receive these posts) have pointed to the psychoactive drugs that Andreas Lubitz was taking. Now, whilst I agree that these drugs are horrific, they simply were not a factor in what happened here, since the plane was remote controlled.

In relation to this, I found this interview with Field McConnell to be very relevant. As Field explains, he was a senior US pilot who had been asked to move to the 747-400. He refused because he was aware that the 400 carried an unpublicised remote control system that was not known to the pilots, and it is one of the conditions of being a Captain of an aircraft that you must be familiar with all of the plane’s systems, which clearly he could not be. An attempt was made to have him assessed psychiatrically, and he smelled a rat and resigned. Not only that, he discusses how he chose to fly on the Lufthansa 400 whenever he could because he knew Lufthansa had developed their own remote control system to replace the Boeing one. Field McConnell says that such a system was installed in the A320 and Lubitz could not have crashed the plane.

EXACTLY THE SAME message is given by Rebekah Roth, a 30-year cabin crew veteran, in this interview.

So, let’s not get caught in what Andreas Lubitz did or did not do or what drugs he was taking. This crash had nothing to do with him.

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