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Sacha Stone: Bypassing the Status Quo

Sacha Stone: a man with a vision of our future beyond the matrix experience created by those whose intent is our control and harvesting. As the YouTube notes say:

Adam Abraham interviews Sacha Stone in London in a conversation ranging from cosmogenesis to the here and now….looking at how to transcend the status quo.

Some of you will likely think the man’s crazy, especially if you have bought into the scientific, temporal worldview. Some of you will be openly or secretly fearful of the consequences of such a vision unfolding. Others will welcome the thrust of his vision and direction, and resonate with his insights into where to look for understanding.

For me: we can argue about the minutiae, but this man is pointed in the right direction. Such a path is the only hope for humanity to escape the grip of our controllers. We cannot change things by tinkering with the matrix. Such an idea misses the point and is based in false hope, and relies upon a severe underestimate of the comprehensiveness and the complexity of the carefully crafted and manipulated reality in which we find ourselves.

But it was intended to be thus.

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