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‘People are fed up’: March against Monsanto

People are beginning to fight back against GMO.

Why the Current Section 215 (of the Patriot Act) Reform Debate Doesn’t Matter Much

So the 215 program that has been disclosed publicly, the 215 program that is being debated publicly, is about records to major carriers like AT&T and Verizon. We have not had a debate about surveillance requests, bulk orders to calling card companies, to Skype, to voice over Internet protocol companies. Now, if NSA isn’t collecting those records, they’re not doing their job. I actually think that that’s where the most useful data is. But why are we having this debate about these records that don’t contain a lot of calls to Somalia when we should be having a debate about the records that do contain calls to Somalia and do contain records of e-mails and instant messages and searches and people posting inflammatory videos to YouTube?

Certainly the government is collecting that data, but we don’t know how they’re doing it, we don’t know at what scale they’re doing it, and we don’t know with which authority they’re doing it. And I think it is a farce to say that we’re having a debate about the surveillance authority when really, we’re just debating this very narrow usage of the statute.

End of quote.

I suspect we have not even begun to touch the surface of the bases upon which the NSA and the FBI collect data on Americans and those who communicate with them. And what’s not known will not be offered up.

And then there are all  the other alphabet soup agencies that aren’t even mentioned in these discussions.

Monsanto’s GMO cotton killing Indian farmers

The following are the YouTube notes for this video:

An estimated 290,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide in 20 years. Small farms were once the country’s economic backbone but now, owners struggle to make even a meagre profit and drown in debt. For some, the pressure is too much. Many blame GMO cotton for the failing farms, having cornered the market and replaced organic crops; they have failed to live up to expectations.

End of quote.

If you understand Agenda 21, to which Monsanto and its owners and supporters are committed, you will know it is part of their plan to remove people from the land, as well as drive a dramatic population reduction. GMO is helping with both of these agendas.

This video shares some of the human impact of these policies and practices.

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