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Omar Khadr, Once Guantánamo’s Youngest Prisoner, Finally Out of Jail

The story of Omar Khadr is horrific, and a powerful illustration of how this so-called “War on Terror” has been conducted. His story has been long and drawn out, and out of sight of most of the world. This article provides an excellent overview. I quote:

Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen who was once the youngest inmate held at Guantánamo Bay, was today let out on bail from a Canadian prison — walking free for the first time since he was captured by U.S. forces when he was 15 years old. A judge today ruled that Khadr should be released from a medium security prison near Edmonton, Alberta, while he appeals his conviction for throwing a grenade that killed an American soldier during a raid near Ayub Khel, Afghanistan in 2002.

Khadr, who spent nearly 10 years at Guantánamo, will live with his lawyer, Dennis Edney, and Edney’s wife. “I look forward to Omar Khadr letting the Canadian public see who he is,” Edney said outside the courtroom after the judge’s decision was rendered.

Who Khadr is has been a subject of intense political debate in Canada and abroad. The right-wing Canadian government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has vociferously opposed Khadr’s release for years, characterizing him as a hardened and unrepentant terrorist guilty of war crimes. The Harper government fought until the last moment to prevent Khadr from leaving prison, even applying for an emergency stay of bail on the grounds that his release would harm relations with the United States, a charge the U.S. State Department publicly denied.

In the aftermath of the decision, which finally thwarted years of government attempts to keep Khadr behind bars, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney expressed disappointment with the ruling, lamenting the release of a “convicted terrorist.”

To many, however, Khadr is not a terrorist but a long-abused child soldier. Born in Canada in 1986, Khadr spent his childhood in the suburbs of Toronto before being taken by his now-deceased father, Al Qaeda financier Ahmed Khadr, to Afghanistan in the late-90s. Brought into the orbit of militant groups at a young age, Khadr’s life would take a further turn for the worse following the 9/11 attacks and subsequent U.S. invasion of the country.

End of quote.

I commend Omar’s story to you, as it is a powerful illustration of how the West has played the terrorism game. And for my Aussie friends, but for the fear-filled scampering by John Howard when he realised the ongoing imprisonment of David Hicks had swung from a political asset to a liability, Hicks’ story would likely look a lot like this one. They were both pawns in the game.

Here is Khadr’s press interview upon his release. Does he look like a terrorist to you? No wonder the Canadian PM wanted to keep him locked away. Such an innocent, disarming smile.

PROPOSED DECLARATION of War against Rothschild Khazarian Mafia

Whilst there are areas where I would disagree with this Declaration and the context within which it is expressed, Preston James and Mike Harris understand the core of the issue facing our world today.

How To Keep NSA Computers From Turning Your Phone Conversations Into Searchable Text

This article from The Intercept explains how to prevent the NSA and their pals from transcribing your phone conversations.

In simple terms, install Signal on your iPhone (both voice and text) and for Android, RedPhone for voice and TextSecure for text and encourage those with whom you communicate to do the same.

It is a very secure, free app, and calls and text are free globally to other installed users. All of your contacts who have one or the other installed will show in the app.

You may think that what you do is of no interest to the NSA and their partners, but their activities are not really about chasing so-called terrorists. It’s about profiling everyone on the planet, and it may not matter today, but tomorrow? So, I encourage you to install and use it.

On the Verge of a Grand Solar Minimum – Update

Thank you, Richard M. This is a great, brief addition.

Hi Richard

You might want to share this as well. It’s the preview of my upcoming talk at the Electric Universe conference, explaining how climate is an entirely electrical phenomenon:



I’m also drawn to share this article with you entitled Jerry Brown’s 1977 Global Cooling BS, Recycled As Jerry Brown’s 2014 Global Warming BS. You have to laugh or you’d cry.
Despite the interference being run by the IPCC telling us that we are at fault for the warming of our planet, along with the supposed consensus of scientists supporting it, the serious climate scientists are more focussed on the impact of a likely period of cooling coming our way.

There has been a lot of evidence to suggest that cycles of warming and cooling are driven by sunspot activity:

When the solar flaring quietens down, the planet cools, and vice versa. Here is the Abstract from a recent paper that demonstrates this correlation this:

We analyze the yearly mean sunspot-number data covering the period 1700 to 2012. We show that the yearly sunspot number is a low-dimensional deterministic chaotic system. We perform future predictions trying to forecast the solar activity during the next five years (2013 – 2017). We provide evidence that the yearly sunspot-number data can be used for long-term predictions. To test and prove that our model is able to predict the Maunder Minimum period (1645 – 1715), we perform long-term post-facto predictions comparing them with the observed sunspot-number values. We also perform long-term future predictions trying to forecast the solar activity up to 2102. Our predictions indicate that the present Cycle 24 is expected to be a low-peak cycle. We conclude that the level of solar activity is likely to be reduced significantly during the next 90 years, somewhat resembling the Maunder Minimum period.

End of quote.

This paper is not isolated. There is abundant evidence of this phenomenon. Just don’t expect to see this in the mainstream media. Not a chance. Expect to continue to see reports that it was the warmest month ever and the warmest year ever. They will protect their Agenda 21 plans at any cost. Instead, expect more well packaged documentaries like the recent HBO one that conned a few more punters, some of whom should know better than to trust ANYTHING in the mainstream media.



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