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A fantasy that explains Globalism by Jon Rappoport

Jon does a great job of illustrating the realities of the Globalist agenda in this article:

This isn’t capitalism. It’s Globalism.

Capitalism doesn’t work when the two partners live in areas where the working conditions are vastly different.

It never did.

This is the reason treaties like GATT and NAFTA and CAFTA and the upcoming TPP have been launched: mega-corporations want to roam free. They want to be able to inject money into any entity in the world and suddenly remove it at will. They certainly want to be able to ship goods from one nation to another without paying tariffs, which otherwise would cost them an extraordinary amount of money. For these corporations, nations don’t really exist anymore—they are convenient fictions. These corporations don’t want any restrictions on their plundering of the Global Village.

End of quote.

But there is one area I disagree with Jon. Perhaps because he is Jewish, Jon stops at David Rockefeller when he points to where this game arises, and there’s no doubt that Rockefeller has been the American front man for several decades. Jon does not peel the onion those extra layers back to the Rothschilds and their cohorts. He seems unwilling or unable to look at the historical context for all of this, beginning with the fact that it was the Rothschilds that funded America’s so-called “Robber Barons”, including John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. Once again, the hand is hidden. Do you think they funded these people out of the goodness of their hearts and then simply walked away? It’s not how they work.

David Rockefeller donated the land and built the N.Y. headquarters for the United Nations after WWII. Simply out of the goodness of his heart… And who was it that created the United Nations? Again, wake up to the world in which you live. On the surface, the UN postures with all its good actions and employs many well-meaning, committed people, but underneath, it rolls out Agenda 21. Pure evil. So many are hoodwinked by what the UN represents.

And make no mistake. Rockefeller is simply the American front man for the Zionist banking interests, represented primarily by the Rothschilds. But I doubt you’ll ever hear that from Jon Rappoport.

French MPs approve new surveillance powers

Well surprise, surprise!!! The French parliament has passed new surveillance powers in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. Remember that false flag event, the evidence for which I previously shared? This RT video points out that this tighter surveillance really began with the Patriot Act in the United States introduced on the back of their major false flag event called 9/11, and we’ve seen similar actions across the globe. There’s also this article entitled French parliament approves ‘Orwellian’ surveillance law in wake of Paris shootings.

It’s how the game is played. Problem, reaction, solution.

Problem: A terrible attack on the public (actually false flag)

Reaction: Something must be done!!!

Solution: Tighter regulation and surveillance

The Hegelian Dialectic at work, and it works like a charm.

So, now we have regulations in place in most countries of the world that authorise bulk data collection on everyone.

And gradually the screws will tighten. Make no mistake. Soon the data will begin to be used to single out individuals and groups for some action or another. Just quietly. No fuss. The use of pre-crime police action has already begun, at least in the US and Australia, just as foretold in “The Minority Report” movie.

It is easy to forget all the other changes made on the back of 9/11. For example:

  • The intense security as we go to board planes (reinforced by the odd shoe bomber hoax)
  • Detailed tracking of all internationally shipped parcels
  • Effective removal of any legal rights if the US state wants to imprison you. Just ask Susan Lindauer. Similarly in some other countries. It’s the state that’s important, not the individual.

Remember how different all of this was 30 years ago? The changes have been gradual, triggered by the occasional false flag. David Icke calls it the “Totalitarian Tiptoe”, and I agree with him.

And it’s all done in a way that’s very hard to resist. One step at a time. Gradually herding us all where the global dictators want us. And if you think these events I refer to are not false flag events, do your own homework on them. Most of us don’t want to believe our world is really like this. Time to wake up.

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